Why Does God Hide? | with Michael Jones and Eric Hernandez

Why does God hide? If God loves us and truly desires that none should perish, why doesn’t He make His existence more obvious? Wouldn’t a loving God want us all to be saved? Divine hiddenness is a problem that puzzles many believers and non-believers, and in this midweek podcast episode, Christian philosophers + apologists Michael Jones and Eric Hernandez tackle it head-on! Other issues they discuss with Frank include Hell, torture vs. torment, non-resistant non-belief, and Molinism.

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Where to find Michael and Eric:

Michael’s website: https://inspiringphilosophy.org/

Michael’s YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/3BXKTjA

Eric’s YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/3PNY1xl

Texas Apologetics: http://texasapologetics.org

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