A Good and True Story | with Paul Gould

Does Christianity hold the most satisfying answers to life’s BIGGEST questions?

Questions like…

What is the MEANING OF LIFE?


What is BEAUTY?

What is LOVE?


That’s exactly what philosopher and apologist, Paul Gould, explores in his new book–A Good and True Story: Eleven Clues to Understanding Our Universe and Your Place in It. Specially written for unbelievers and skeptics of the Christian faith, A Good and True Story is accessible, conversational, full of stories + illustrations, and takes the reader on a grand expedition in search of the cosmic narrative that best explains the human experience of the world.

In today’s podcast episode, Paul joins Frank to discuss a few of the eleven “clues” that suggest Christianity is not only true but satisfies our deepest longings. They explore topics such as the universe, morality, beauty, happiness, flourishing, love, religion, and much more!

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Paul’s book: https://a.co/d/ciRnOYr

Paul’s website: https://www.paul-gould.com/

Palm Beach Atlantic University: https://www.pba.edu/directory/gould-paul.html

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