Japan Christianity Tour, 2023 with Matt Slick

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Matt Slick of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry has partnered with Osaka World Communication to tour Japan this March (OR JUNE) in 2023. This will be a ten-day exciting “all-inclusive tour” of Japan.* (subject to a few limitations, see details below). Accommodations, ground transportation, meals, conference admission, and tickets to landmark attractions and sites will be part of the Japan Tour. In addition to messages and apologetic studies led by author and respected apologist Rev. Matt Slick (MDiv, Westminster Seminary), our tour will take us across historic Japan and the site of the 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki. We will learn about the overall challenges and survival of Christians and the Christian Faith in Japan from early to modern times. We will also be focused on how a biblical worldview of our faith and apologetics can help us better understand and encourage our brothers and sisters and one another in Christ in Japan.

TEN DAY ITINERARY (March 31st April 9th-proposed dates)

DAY 1   Airport pickup-until 3 pm, Friday, March 31

Tour of Osaka, Japan, a big city

Afternoon orientation, Check in to the hotel by 4 pm

5 pm Meet and greet Reception and Dinner. NARA Visitor Center and Hotel orientation. Depending on exchange rates, it may be possible to upgrade to luxury suites. There is a choice between traditional futons or Western Beds. The Nara Inn

Day 2  Saturday, April 1   Presentation – Rev. Matt Slick Presentation/Sermon- Evangelism Outreach

Afternoon in the Osaka Castle Park and Tour of the Castle Museum

Guided Japanese History guided tour led by OWC Host Stacey Silva, MA Ed., Stanford

Option 1

UMEDA SKY TOWER/  The Famous Hankyu Department Store visit. Dinner with City Lights View

Option 2

Visit the Kitchen of Japan; Namba River City Walk, Town; READ ABOUT THE HUGE VARIETY OF FOOD HERE IN OSAKA

Day 3  Sunday   Worship, Nara Gospel Church.

Visit the Most Famous Sights of Japanese Buddhism; NARA DEER PARK and the Hall of the Great Buddha. Certified Sushi Chef Lesson.

DAY 4  Monday, NARA CITY Traditional activities, tea ceremony, national museum visit, and an evening MUSIC CONCERT:

Shakuhachi Concert with Shawn Renzo Head, MA, Music Shakuhachi SENSEI.


On this day, we are joined by one of our Tour guides, Shawn Renzoh Head, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in music composition from the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music and a traditional master’s (Shihan) in shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute).

We are also planning an afternoon tea and nature trail walk to take in the vibrant fall colors on the Nara hillside.

There will be an evening concert with Shawn that will feature the traditional music of Japan coupled with popular Christian tunes, which are commonly sung in churches throughout Japan. Shawn will talk about the power of music for Japanese people and how it differs from the traditional Japanese aesthetic, bringing hope, joy, and assurance in our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

PRESENTATION. REV. Matt SLICK, Apologetics, and Worship

Day 5   Tuesday – Kyoto

GION, GEISHA DISTRICT, Stroll Down Philosopher’s Path along 1,000 Year Old


Day 6   Wednesday – Kyoto 

Golden Temple, ARASHIYAMA MONKEY PARK, AND BAMBOO FORREST. Fall colors and Japanese countryside train ride.

Day 7   Thursday – Nagasaki 

Site of the 2nd Atomic Bomb and the 26 Martyrs Memorial

Ride the Bullet Train to Visit the site of Nagasaki Peace Museum and The sites of the 26 Christian Martyrs who were crucified for their faith. They were among the 30,000 estimated Christians who were killed for their faith during the Shogunate expulsions and persecutions.

MOVIE: SILENCE film historic location

Day 8   Friday, Worship/Evangelism message KOBE 

Preaching, Teaching, Challenges and Evangelism outreach by Matt Slick.

Visit to Kobe/Amagasaki Conference Center. Visit to Port, Kobe Rokko Mountains for fall viewing.

Day 9   Saturday, Osaka/Kobe universal studios ~ The Great AQUARIUM

This is a world-class Aquarium and has incredible exhibits of whale sharks, and several biomes from around the world are represented.

For the carnivores; Kobe/Wagyu Beef, Teppanyaki Farewell Dinner

For vegetarians, there is something called a cabbage pancake, OKONOMIYAKI in Japanese, that you simply must try.

Day 10   Sunday – Final Day in Sakai – Airport Evening departures

Visit to Sunken Gardens and the Ancient Imperial KEYHOLE Tombs (possible Tanuki Sighting). Check-out and Trips to the airport.



Thank you. Arigatoo gozaimasu.
Thank you very much. Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu.
You’re welcome. Doo itashimashite.
Please (do it for me). onegai shimasu
Yes. hai
No. iie
Excuse me (Pardon me). Sumimasen.
I’m sorry. Gomen’nasai.
I don’t understand. Wakarimasen.
I don’t speak Japanese. Nihongo ga wakarimasen.
Do you speak English? Eigo o hanashimasu ka?
What’s your name? Onamae wa nandesu ka?
How are you? Ogenki desu ka?
Where is the subway? Chikatetsu wa doko desu ka?
How much does this cost? Kore wa ikura desu ka?
Can I get on the internet? Intaanetto o tsukattemo iidesu ka?
Can you help me? Tetsudatte itadakemasu ka?
Where is the bathroom? Otoire wa doko desu ka?


TRY THIS WEBSITE to hear and read Japanese Phrases: http://www.transparent.com/learn-japanese/phrases.html
CNN Fast Facts: http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/26/world/asia/japan-fast-facts/
Basic Customs http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e622.html

Your Event Host: Rev. Matt Slick of CARM.ORG

Apologist Matt Slick (visit his Bio) will host teaching seminars and open forums as we come together to share perspectives on the gospel and seek to edify and encourage one another and learn how to build bridges across international boundaries.

REGISTER TODAY AND MENTION “CARM” for your free gift package valued at over $100 upon your arrival to JAPAN.

REGISTER HERE:  http://www.osakaworldc.com/contact-us.html

Your Tour Operator, Historian & Guide Stacy Silva

OsakaWorld Communications


+81 JAPAN COUNTRY CODE: 80 2432-0520



Trip Preparation and free basic Japanese lessons are available for FREE by live online video conferencing.

Stacey Silva, M.A., Stanford ‘93

Professionally licensed educator and business owner for nearly 30 years. University and secondary history teacher and international business instructor. Reformed Christian since 1988.

Local Guide and Professional Musician: 

Shawn Head, Shakuhachi Master, Shawnheadmusic.com

Cleveland Institute of Music, BA


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