Stripping Away Illusions

“Instead of seeking to persuade others that we should confess these sins lest God respond in judgment, we in the church should begin to confess the sins for which these things are the judgment. This is hard for us because, when we think back to the time before this cultural meltdown began, we do not see a self-satisfied complacency that angered God. Rather, we see a paradise of traditional values. Conservatives like to look back at that golden age, before the Beatles came to America, when June Cleaver vacuumed while wearing pearls. We want to think that we had it good back then, but we threw it all away. Actually, we were in high rebellion against God back then. This means that in the judgments that have befallen us, God is stripping away our illusions. And about the only people today who are seeking to retain the old illusions are the Christians. More than a few Christians are urging us to get away from the judgments—and back to the sin.”

The Cultural Mind, pp. 267-268

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