Gorgeous Artwork, Fascinating Videos, and Biblical Insights

Calendars can be more than just something you hang on the wall so you know what day and month it is. They can also be beautiful art pieces and evangelism tools! And that’s exactly what our unique 2023 Life of Jesus calendar is.

More than “just” a calendar, our 2023 calendar is themed “Life of Jesus” and features stunning original artwork by AiG’s design team from our Christ, Cross, Consummation and Borderland exhibits at the Creation Museum. It really is a beautiful calendar to display on your wall or in your office—and we pray that such a display (and the Scripture verses included for each month) will prompt Christ-centered conversations in your home or at work.

And there’s actually even more to this calendar! Each month features a QR code that takes you to a teaching video that will help you dive deeper into the life and ministry of Christ. (We did this with our 2022 calendar and people loved it!) You’ll look forward to changing the calendar each month to enjoy the new biblical insights (kids love doing this!).

You can order your calendar today during our exciting Black Friday sale (or enjoy it as a free gift on orders of $100 or more, shipping to a contiguous US address).

Find your 2023 calendar at AnswersBookstore.com. Bulk discounts are available if you’d like to give these calendars out as Christmas gifts or as a form of ”stocking stuffer”.

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