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Do you believe that all of the Baptized posses the grace of justification, adoption, and the forgiveness of sins, and as such can *lose* that grace if they do not persist in faith and holiness (even if the elect won’t finally lose that grace)? As an Anglican I’d want to affirm that Baptism does in fact confer the Spirit in a saving way to all the baptized, and that one can lose their baptismal grace; would that differ from the kind of Reformed view you hold?


When it became clear that established educational options were not suitable for proudly sending a firstborn to be discipled, why was the selected step to start a five-day Christian school open to others instead of a home-school or fewer-day-co-op?

Thanks in advance for any historical insight and present-day wisdom.


In your book debate with Dr. White on the TR/NA28, you stated that the 1550 Stephanus is the penultimate text from which we would build upon to create the final TR. Why would it be this instead of the Scrivener edition which is far more proliferated and widely accepted?


Shalom Pastor Doug, Just wanted to drop a thank you for your recent blog post and video addressing – as far as I could track with your argumentation – the anti-semitism of our conservative colleagues and friends, and even brethren.

I’m a Presbyterian believer of Jewish blood myself, and depending on who you ask that Jewish blood negates all the European flavors in their alongside it. So I found it both concerning and quite hilarious the kind of obviously anti-Semitic reactions your video and blog post have received.

My anti-semitic-inclined brethren might want to consider rethinking if they want to spend eternity with a Jewish Messiah, let alone with Jewish Christians (or Messianic Jews, to use a term that exaggerates their plight).

We Jewish folks were persecuted terribly in the Nazi West just as in the Communist East. And our right-leaning friends seem to forget the former. And as far as I and other Messianic folks are concerned, they are exalting themselves over the other branches, as Paul warned against.

My concern is not first and foremost with them hurting a Jew, though of course that is no small deal, not least of all because some of us take “Never Again” seriously and they could get themselves in a nasty pickle, let’s say (a Kosher one, of course). But they are asking, it seems, to be cut off from the root as the proud and unbelieving Jews of old were.

Nothing says “Down with the Jews” like doing exactly the same thing the unbelieving Jews did. Brilliant. But, I do pray for them. I’d like to worship with them instead of wondering if I have to have a discussion in the parking lot with them. But there is a time for all things, as the Writings say. Pray for my heart to be loving and forgiving, Pastor. And may our Lord and Messiah bless and keep us all unto His return.



I’m a teacher who recently read your article in the American Conservative. I was curious what you thought teachers in our position should be doing, as well as if you know any resources I should be using.



I appreciate the free NQNQ material. Where can I find lyrics for some of the old songs, such as “Peace Peace Peace”?



re “The Fact That You Are Paranoid” a) Even paranoids have actual enemies.

b) I’m certain that if you put your glasses on, you’ll see that what you thought were oozing sores…is actually the remnants of partisan termites who have bored through the core of the institution. Once the hallowed halls of justice…now a collapsing structure of wood dust, termite excrement, and spongy rot. Hillary Clinton, the Perkins Coie law firm, Danshenko, lying Andrew McCabe, the prolific Agent Strzok (texting over 50,000 texts on taxpayer time to his illicit lover at the DOJ). And, who can forget the unforgettable James Comey?! In his testimony before the U.S. Senate on the question of the Russians and Chicomms accessing Top Secret information from among the 33,000 emails on Hillary’s unsecured personal email server: Senate “Did the Russians and Chicomms access any Top Secret information?” Comey: “I’m not going to say they didn’t.” Seriously. And, it was this exact answer followed by “I don’t believe Hillary intended to do it” which resulted in non-prosecution. Any of the rest of us schmucks would be counting our toes in a Federal solitary cell by now…for a very long time.

c) Congress should raze the FBI, brick by brick and including the foundation. Build a new agency that has ironclad protections to prevent weaponization against innocent Americans, and relief valves for those moments when any agency employee starts veering from “fidelity” and “integrity” — to the extent those words even mean something. This should be done for America.

d) Stay frosty!


You’ve probably already answered this somewhere, and I’ve simply missed it. If so, I’d be grateful for a link to where I can read your thoughts on this matter.

I’m a member of what’s normally considered a theologically conservative Reformed denomination, and the preaching of the Word we receive each week is good food. We love our pastor and our church family. Our church is active not only in protesting abortion, but in supporting Christian-based crisis pregnancy facilities, and there’s no flinching from calling abortion a great evil from the pulpit.

We live in an area of the country that is primarily “blue” politically, and there are, no doubt, a number of members of our church, who voted “blue” not only in the Sleepy Joe election but in the ones that elected Obama, that president who did more to protect and promote abortion than any president in the history of this country.

When it comes time for Communion each Lord’s Day, the Table is fenced, allowing only for those who are baptized members in good standing of some Gospel-preaching church, who are not living in any known and unrepentant sin. Visitors, even if those of whom these two things are true, if they’ve not spoken to one of the elders of our church, are asked to refrain from the Sacrament until they do get opportunity to speak with the elders. And again, for those who are thusly prequalified, communicant members of our church or another, are admonished to refrain from partaking if they have been sinned against and are withholding forgiveness.

Two questions:

Concerning members of our own church, and their participation in the Lord’s Supper, do you believe that the pastor and other shepherding elders should be making sure that members who indeed vote for pro-abortion politicians are themselves refraining from partaking of the Table, unless and until they repent of their sinful voting act(s) and endeavor henceforth to obey Christ and not vote in such a sinful manner?

If a member in good standing, who is truly the victim, not of some mere petty annoyance, but of heinously wicked acts, crimes in fact (think rape, and/or murder of a family member, or thievery or embezzlement of sums of money large enough to devastate lives), and in either case, the offending party has neither asked for forgiveness, nor do they act like they have any remorse …. Should the victim(s) be obligated to refrain from partaking of the Sacrament because they’ve not yet forgiven the offending party, nor do they believe that handing out carte blanch forgiveness is biblical, even though such carte blanche forgiveness is a prerequisite from the pulpit for partaking of the Sacrament?

Thanks for any help and advice you can provide.


I noticed you were called a “dweeb”.

My understanding is that it is short form for Doug Wilson Enrages Effeminate Boys or Doug Wilson Entertains Even Baptists. Wear that banner proudly.


Hey brother. Silly question: Do you think it’s wrong/sinful to rent an AirBnB from a gay couple? Is it a matter of conscience? It’s a really nice AirBnB (as it should be)and fits exactly what my wife and I are looking for but I feel like I’m contributing financially to their lifestyle by renting their place. I think I just answered my own question…


A brief remark on NQN: sometime in the last year you mailed me a NQN sticker along with a book I’d ordered. I affixed said sticker to my pickup where it has been proudly displayed and sadly unnoticed. Until September. I hired a kid of sixteen to help me with a side business. The third question he asked me was, “what do you think of Doug Wilson?” Now there’s a litmus test.

I’m happy to report the resulting friendship to be based rather than acidic.


n regards to the office of pastor, there seems to be many complementarians who would rightfully argue from Scripture that not only is the term woman pastor an oxymoron but also unbiblical. While this is my position (1 Cor. 14:34-35; 1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9), I don’t believe that I’ve ever heard anyone bluntly say if this is a sin or not. There seems to be a bit of tiptoeing around this issue by refraining from calling it a sin.

So my question(s): churches that appoint women to the office of pastor, are they operating in sin? Are the women in that role living in sin?

An example of this in my context is that the moral revolution became apparent to some with the introduction of the “domestic partnership” legislation (enforced by the Governor because it was voted down in the legislative assembly). And more recently, the Law Reform Commission released a discussion paper which includes a recommendation of reviewing the abortion legislation (which remains illegal).

Meanwhile, there is a local Ministers’ Association who has been vocal in opposing the legislation. However, the group consists of at least one female pastor and some other pastors who have women pastors in their churches.

But here is my issue: how are we Christians allowed to disregard the authority of Scripture in order to appoint so-called women pastors; but on the other hand, we become enraged when the unbelieving world uses the same approach to justify sin.

I understand that church governance and murder (abortion) may be different categories, but I believe the underlying principle is the same: Has God Said?

Thank you for considering my questions. You have been of tremendous help to me with thinking through these and other issues.

Grace and Peace,


In your recent post, you write:

“Instead of being ASHAMED of this made-up reality, they became PROUD of this made-up reality. And that’s how we got a collection of Proud Boys going down to heckle folks at an Antifa rally”,

implying that the Proud Boys are a reactionary white supremacist group. I was surprised that you wrote that. My understanding of the Proud Boys is that they are a reactionary group that opposes Antifa and other left wing extremists. Of course I’ve heard them described as racists by the left, but that term no longer means anything coming from the left. When you imply racism, it still means something to me. What have they done/said that makes them white supremacists in your view, or am I wrong to assume that you are labeling them white supremacists?



ps, I do not support the Proud Boys violent actions, I just doubt that that those actions are motivated by racism


I noticed when listening to the audio version of How To Exasperate Your Wife that included was a longer version to the following article. Could you please update this written article to include the fuller version so I can share it with my friends? Thank you for your good work.


Pastor Wilson- I thank you for your content over these last few years, But more than that, thank you for your insistence on being a squeaky wheel. They have been greasing you and many other for some time and yet you all continue to squeak. I do fear that someone believes your squeak has grown too loud, The news has done its best to label Moscow as a train wreck and you as the conductor and with your last NQN and the horrific tragedy that recently occurred, I feel the grease gun closing in…..Keeping you all in my prayers…


Do you have other “letters” or blogs that address tyranny in marriage as it relates to sex? The counsel from pastors to me has been to never say no to my husband in regards to sex. My husband also struggled with using sex to fulfill his emotional needs and so this was a recipe for disaster. I felt like a prostitute, only useful for sex, and that he only showed attention to me when he wanted sex. I have read many of your books and blog posts and find many great practical helps as to how love and respect in marrIage should look. I also agree that there is order in creation and marriage and that wives should be submissive. However this doesn’t mean I can’t speak my thoughts or express my opinion. But that is the attitude I perceive from many Christians when it comes to sex. The wife has one job…to fulfill her husbands sexual needs whenever he wants and don’t express if you feel differently. I developed much bitterness and hardness of heart because of this and my husband had an affair because of his misguided thoughts on what sex should provide for him. His self worth was wrapped up in his sexual fulfillment. We have since healed, after many years of hard work in counseling, but I still would like solid biblical counsel on how to practically talk about sex and how to manage the frequency. Any blogs or books you could recommend would be appreciated. Oh, also, you are the first pastor that i know of you address these issues in truly practical ways that are VERY helpful. Typically the idea conveyed is just be nice and never be contrary and submit. I find this misses so much teaching in the Bible.


My sister and her boyfriend recently came to me and informed me they had been sleeping together. The boyfriend is going to ask my father to marry my sister. As far as I’m aware my father doesn’t know that they’ve slept together. I’m struggling with what I should do I’m this scenario. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Need Help

I’m connecting a few threads of yours to potentially make a point. The point is that time is necessary for healing and to assess whether change is authentic. I believe on multiple occasions you have used some kind of necessary timeframe to assess whether an individual has truly turned the corner on porn usage as related to fitness for dating/marriage. And on other occasions you have indicated that our nation has healed itself of racism “in the 60’s”. Was this a collective agreement that everyone shared?

There is this theory of peace building (think conflict zone resolution), that says that it takes as long to get out of a conflict as it took to get into it. For example in recovery circles, they often say, “If you go 20 miles into the woods, it takes 20 miles to get back out,” you can’t learn a pattern of behavior for 20 years and expect to change it in one.

So basically, when I hear you say our nation healed ourselves of the sin of racism all I can compare that to is the guy who says “yeah, I’ve been done with porn since last Wednesday. Trust me.” I just hate the fact that the idea that our nation might have to deal with the ramifications of racism for another few hundred years is flat out preposterous to you. Yes I agree that many folks have gone way overboard with trying to correct centuries of wrong. But I think your position on the other end of barging forward giving no ear to the other side is equally unwise. Maybe now is the time for silence and humility instead of just labeling anybody who seems to want to evaluate our current state on the matter as “woke” and disregard them immediately.

Thanks for your time


Just curious as to how you respond to the 2 kingdom view on separation. That is radical separation, i.e., the church should not have anything to do with the secular sphere, other than praying for “all men” (1 Timothy). I have to admit, I’ve struggled to reconcile my own views with either a “single kingdom” or “dual kingdom” view. I have been swayed to the single kingdom view as I have been influenced by godly postmils like yourself, Durbin and others. But I find that the current state of our world combined with a deep study of the New Testament has me thinking that those Anabaptists may have got one or two things right. I mean, if Jesus was preaching one kingdom, when he commissioned the disciples to “disciple the nations”, they would have gone out and run for office on the Sanhedrin or tried to get on some local synagogue school boards, but they don’t seem to have taken that path. They just preached the gospel and established churches.


I have a topic that I was wondering if Douglas has already covered, and if not, if he could weigh in on it. It has to do with his opinions on historical book bans and/or library censorship and then compare that to his opinion on current attempts by citizens to get inappropriate children books out of the library that are of a sexual nature. These children books are pornographic in their graphicness and encourage all kinds of sexual relations and fornications. Further, when self-proclaimed Christians work at a library, what is their duty in regards to dealing with this situation, particularly when they consider (and are taught) that supporting a book ban or book relocation is a violation of first amendment rights. Last, does Douglas have any recommendations to Christians on how to handle situations like this within their communities.

Thank you for your time,

Krystina Morrison P.S.–If this somehow were to get read out loud to the public, like in a podcast or video, etc., would you be so kind as to not use my name and just use ‘anonymous’? Thank you!


I have a couple of random questions about weddings and marriage.

In one recent post, you said the following:

“If covenant vows are taken, but there is no consummation, then it is not a marriage…”

What would you then say to the way we do weddings in the modern U.S.? At the end of the ceremony, the minister normally says something like “You are now husband and wife” and then introduces the couple as “Mr. and Mrs. X.” Is that appropriate and true language? Or is it misleading, as the marriage has not yet been consummated?

Also, does Christ Church have a wedding liturgy of some sort? I find myself very underwhelmed by the typical evangelical wedding ceremony, as it feels short and rather informal most of the time. I have searched (albeit not extensively) for wedding liturgies from a reformed, Protestant perspective, but I have not found any as of yet (aside from the BCP).

God bless,


I have a question about hospitality and principles. My wife and want to be hospitable, and sometimes we will have relatives who are traveling through stay the night in our spare room. This has been a blessing to all so far. But alas, I am faced with a difficult situation. A cousin will be traveling through soon, and she is coming with her live in boyfriend. They are not believers. I want to welcome them, but I only have one room to offer. How can I tell them they are welcome, but can’t stay in the same room, without being offensive? Thanks!


Doug, you recently wrote about forgiveness: “Forgiveness is to be extended before it is requested, but it cannot be transacted until it is requested.”


“Forgiveness of this sort is a transaction, and you cannot conduct a transaction with only one party participating.”

How can one put Eph. 4:31 into practice having extended forgiveness, but the other party remains hardened, and thus the transaction of forgiveness remains unfulfilled?


“We need to drink another quart of that pink stuff.” It’s abundantly clear that our nation has some serious health problems – and that the root of it all, as you’ve pointed out before, is our ill spiritual health. And Trump just might be the chemo that we continue to need for our poor civil health. I definitely think that God is not done with his purpose for Trump yet, the enduring levels of TDS show that clearly enough. But I do wonder if the core purpose isn’t even in the governing, but in the running – certainly I see no way that he won’t raise the levels of madness further.


Addressing: Chapter 9 “The Application of Godly Wisdom” from your book “Standing on the Promises” Hello Pastor Doug,

I am reaching out to you looking for advice on disciplining a child with special needs. The Lord blessed my wife and me with a little boy (Gideon) who has autism. He is four years old and non-verbal (he does not speak any words).

In many ways, he is like any other child. He does not have any physical limitations brought on by his autism. He also appears to be able to understand some simple verbal commands from us like “No”, “Don’t do that”, “Come Here”, “hold my hand”, etc. He will even express frustration when we tell him “no.”

Because of his autism, my wife and I struggle with knowing how and when to discipline him. Because of his linguistic limitations, we cannot confirm that he understands what is going on. We don’t want to be tyrannical and impose expectations that he is unable to meet due to his special needs. At the same time, we want to be faithful to God in our calling to be Gideon’s parents.

Do you have any advice for us?

In Christ,


First, allow me to thank you for all the great work you and your team are doing at Canon. You all are a blessing to many.

A number of years ago I began handing out copies of Thoughts For Young Men (published by you fine folks) as a way of encouraging some of the young men in my life. It didn’t take long for me to begin looking for a similar resource for young ladies. As you mentioned in your recent Q&A, there seems to be a notable lack of materials focused on this group.

During my search, I was pointed to many works that focused on mothering and marriage, but that wasn’t exactly the help I was looking to provide. Having raised two daughters to adulthood, and in the process of raising three more, I wanted to provide wisdom in line with Thoughts For Young Men directed towards young ladies in their mid-to-late teens. So, I set out to create the book I couldn’t find. My manuscript is currently in the hands of some very capable editors. While I am fully aware that Canon doesn’t usually accept unsolicited manuscripts, I thought perhaps I could entice you.

While I’m still in the editing process, I’d be very happy to provide you with a few sample chapters if you’re interested. If not, thank you for the time you’ve already given me. In Christ,


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