Content Cluster Muster [11-03=22]

The Right Kind of Problem

Open Road Without Any Road

And more here.

A Must Watch . . . to the End

Lets celebrate with a wee song.

— 廾❍しㄚ ⎭ēēꝓēɾᔕ – A voice in the wilderness (@HolyJeepers2020) October 29, 2022

Must Be in Idaho

Every orchestra needs a glock 19

— Con•scious (@___Conscious___) October 27, 2022


At the end of his ‘Roger Scruton Lecture,’ Peter Hitchens recites The Second Collect for Peace. A truly moving moment, worth every second of one’s time.

— Edmund (@Kulambq) October 31, 2022

This is Quite a Reasonable Question

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

An engaging paean to the value of corporal punishment . . .

Yes, Quite

Excited About This Blurb for The Justice Primer

And more here.

My Daughters Used to Hate It When that Happened . . .

Jokes I Like to Tell

What is green, Irish, and comes out every springtime?
Patio furniture!

How Many Times Must We Say “No, Thank You”?


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