The Amazing Fine-Tuning of the Universe, and Q&A


On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (10/28/22), Hank remarks on the amazing fine-tuning of the universe. One of the most astonishing discoveries of the 20th century was that the universe was fine-tuned to support intelligent life. From the force of gravity to the balance of matter and antimatter, the universe is poised on a razor’s edge. If gravity were slightly stronger or weaker the universe would not be able to support intelligent life. The fine-tuning of the universe cannot reasonably be attributed to chance because of the infinitesimally small range of values involved. Chance is infinitely more likely to produce a life-prohibiting universe than a life-sustaining one. The only plausible source of fine-tuning is an external, transcendent, incalculably powerful, and intelligent personal Mind whom we call God.

Hank also answers the following questions:

When the Lord appeared in the Old Testament, what does that mean and what did that look like?
My fifteen-year-old son is being asked to read a book that has profanity and anti-Christian themes. Is there any biblical justification for allowing this?
As a member of the ELCA I am troubled by their stance on biblical inerrancy; is this an essential or non-essential issue?
What is your opinion of Paul’s thorn in the flesh? What does Paul mean when he says he pleaded with the Lord to remove it?

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