New Expanded “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” Now Open

It’s stunning, technologically advanced, jaw-dropping, touching, and riveting. What is it? It’s the new, greatly expanded Fearfully and Wonderfully Made pro-life exhibit at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. If you’ve seen the previous, smaller exhibit that’s been on display since fall of 2020, you alreaady know what a beautiful and powerful exhibit it was—and now it’s even better!

Our new exhibit opened today at the Creation Museum as part of our Palm Plaza upgrade (in the lower level). This new exhibit features twelve lifelike baby models, as the previous exhibit displayed, but our artists have added a stunning new feature that makes this exhibit the most technologically advanced in the museum. This visual effect is called “Pepper’s ghost,” and it allows people to “see” the skeletal system and organs developing in the unborn child. It’s truly jaw-dropping.

We’ve also added even more teaching signage from both a biblical and scientific perspective, including a section showing how views on abortion have changed in our culture over the past few decades, leading some scientists and doctors to redefine terminology to fit with socio-political pressures.

Also new to the exhibit are new video animations. One animation shows the development of a baby from fertilization through birth, while another shows the remarkable changes that must take place in both mother and baby within just a few minutes of birth, or else neither would survive. It’s such an incredible testimony to the thoughtful handiwork of the Designer!

It’s such an incredible testimony to the thoughtful handiwork of the Designer!

Another big (pun intended!) change is a huge baby—four times the scale of a newborn—and placenta model that shows the intricate process God designed to make sure the baby receives nourishment from the mother through this truly phenomenal organ, which serves as baby’s lungs, kidneys, liver, digestive tract, immune system, and endocrine gland until birth. Nearby animation reveals this process in more detail and explains how the placenta protects and develops alongside the baby.

A few days before the new exhibit opened, I did a walkthrough with Sr. Director of Attraction Design Allen Greene, so I could give you a sneak peek. Of course, it looks even more spectacular now that our fabricators and designers have finished installing and tweaking everything for opening today:

I believe this exhibit is the most powerful and unique pro-life display in the world. You won’t want to miss seeing the newly expanded Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit. Plan your visit today and bring the whole family (children 10 and under enjoy free admission for 2022) to learn about the wonder and sanctity of the lives God so carefully knits together.

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Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we’re working on an exciting plan with another ministry for the previous exhibit so that even more people will be impacted with the message of the sanctity of human life. Be sure to follow my blog for more details on that in the future.

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