Content Cluster Muster [10-06-22]

Christian Nationalism & Federal Vision on Caldron Pool

Orthopraxy Podcast on Classical Education



And more here.

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Someone Spent a Lot of Time on This

Jokes I Like to Tell

What happened to the little girl who ate the curtains?
She got sick.


Was in old Boston recently, with a photo below to prove it. This is right across from one of the oldest graveyards in the city, and Samuel Adams is buried right across the way. If you look to the immediate left of the glass, you can see the rectangular bronze plaque. So I had the privilege of hoisting a cold Samuel Adams in honor of a cold Samuel Adams, if you see what I mean. HT for the joke to Andrew Belli, who was kind enough to show us around.

A Question to Ponder

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