Our Fall Explore Days Are Underway—And Kids Love Them!

Explore days at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in N. Kentucky are unlike any other educational program in the US. Students aged 11–18, or 5–10 for Explore Jr., enjoy a day of hands-on science presented from a biblical worldview perspective. Here are some photos from just one of these exciting days:

As you can see, children are loving them! This particular program covered zoology (we have a host of other science fields), and students received a hands-on look into animal kinds with expert instruction by zookeeper Mr. Stephen. As our education content director shared, “His in-depth knowledge and passion for God’s design in animals is evident throughout his teaching and what makes these programs unique. If your child is interested in becoming a zoologist or just loves animals, these programs are for you! Spring registration is open.”

And here are some photos from another zoology day, this time for Explore Jr.:

These programs are conducted on various days during the school year, from fall through spring. It’s science education from a biblical worldview perspective! You and your children will love it. Check out all of our Explore Days and Explore Jr. options:

Wilderness and Wildlife (new!)MicroscopyFossilsForensicsRockets (new!)Drones (new!)ArchesAnd so many more!

We also offer several Exploration Days for adults and/or families, including Arches, Drone Exploration, Environmental Exploration, and a dinosaur dig. Be sure to check those out and save the dates!

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