Q&A: Demons, Church Membership, and Slaying in the Spirit


On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (09/19/22), Hank answers the following questions:

I’m afraid of demons and even some rooms in my home give me chills; can you give me some advice?
Shouldn’t unbelievers first be born again before they become members of a church? What do you think about nonbelievers being in church leadership positions?
What are your thoughts on the book, The 1000 Year Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth: Will You Make It or Miss It by Dale Sides?
What is the correct translation of Mark 3:21? Should it be the word “friends” according to the KJV or “family” according to the NIV?
What do you know about contemplative prayer, is this something that Beth Moore embraces?
Is a divorced man excluded from being a pastor according to the qualifications given by Paul in 1 Timothy?
I go to a church that practices slaying people in the Spirit; should I move on and find another church?

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