NBC News Lends a Hand

Judging from my Twitter feed, many of you saw the segment on Moscow and Christ Church that Meet the Press did. As I have said elsewhere, I am grateful that it was not a hit piece—they let both sides talk, in other words. It was even-handed in that way. At the same time, it was clear that what we were saying must have sounded something like Middle Klingon to them, and this of course affects the editing process. So later today I hope to post a short video (here) of things we wish they had left in. What a difference the edit can make. And there will be more extensive responses in the weeks to come.

If you did miss it, you can find the segment at NBC News.

Or, perhaps you are reluctant to leave this august site, wanting to stay here at Mablog as long as possible. In that case, the You Tube version is below.

The full episode of “Meet the Press Reports that the piece is a part of can be found here. This includes a panel discussion of our endearing quirks. And the You Tube of that is below.

And if you prefer to watch it on Peacock, then your link is right here.

And when we get our first response video together, it will go below. Comments are open. As always, no vituperation.

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