Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool Wins Award

Our curriculum development team is working hard on Year 3 of our Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool (coming early 2023)—we’re so excited that this in-depth Bible curriculum is available for homeschool families. And families are loving it: we recently won a third-place award from the Back to Homeschool Awards from

This year 2,300 different curricula were nominated with 23,000 votes—and Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool placed third in the Christian Homeschool Curriculum category! We’re glad to see that so many families find this resource helpful in discipling their children to know, believe, defend, and proclaim God’s Word. We can’t wait until the first students complete all four years of this unique curriculum.

So why do families love this curriculum so much? Well, because it’s . . .

In-depth. We believe truth doesn’t need to be watered down or made “fluffy” for kids. They thrive on “meat” from God’s Word.Chronological. The Bible comes to life when we understand it chronologically, seeing where all the people, places, and events fit with each other.Gospel-focused. We want to see children transformed by the knowledge of who they are and who Christ is. We teach the gospel throughout the entire curriculum, starting in Genesis, helping kids not only fully grasp the true gospel but see Jesus throughout the entire Bible (after all, it’s all about him!).Filled with apologetics. Children must be equipped with answers to the questions of our day. This helps them defend their faith and be thoughtful Christians who know what they believe and why.Colorful and fun! The worksheets are filled with age-appropriate activities that will help children build skills while they learn. And each lesson has an accompanying video from AiG’s Avery Foley and Bryan Osborne that helps reinforce the main themes with object lessons, games, and more. You can enjoy this program, included free with ABC Homeschool or with your Answers TV subscription, on Answers TV.

It really is a powerful curriculum! I encourage you to check it out today at

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