How Can You Make the Bible Come Alive?

If you asked me, “How do I make the Bible come alive for the people at my church?” my answer would be by teaching apologetics, emphasizing biblical authority, and presenting the Scriptures in chronological order. Why? Well, because that’s what we’ve done with our unique Answers Bible Curriculum. I’ve heard from so many pastors that it’s revolutionized their Bible programs at their churches!

Here’s why each of these elements matters:

Apologetics: Every day, children, young people, and adults are faced with arguments that the Bible can’t be trusted or that it’s not relevant to the world around us. Many of those in our pews have questions about God’s Word—and they want answers! Teaching people to defend their faith (apologetics) helps them think through what God’s Word teaches, why it’s true, and how it applies to the world around us. It really highlights how the Bible isn’t just a book for people who lived in the past—it’s living and active today, and it’s the weapon we need to equip ourselves with as we fight for truth.Biblical authority: God’s Word is the authority. We don’t look to culture, social media influencers, or even popular Bible teachers for ultimate authority—we must look to God and his Word. It’s the Word of God that provides a sure foundation for our thinking, and that helps us build the proper worldview. Emphasizing biblical authority helps people understand why it’s so vital that we know, believe, defend, and proclaim the Word of God.Chronological: If you don’t understand the flow of biblical history, not only will you miss important details about what’s going on when certain books (particularly the Old Testament prophecy books!) were written, but you’ll also miss overarching themes, like redemption, man’s condition, and God’s promise of a Savior, that run through the entire Old Testament. Studying through the Bible chronologically helps brings the “scarlet thread” of Jesus to life, making the Old Testament connect with the New in the powerful way it was intended to!

It’s nothing at all like the “fluff and stuff” of many of the leading Bible lessons produced these days.

Churches use Answers Bible Curriculum because of these unique features, along with our focus on the gospel message, doctrine, theology, and Christian worldview. It’s nothing at all like the “fluff and stuff” of many of the leading Bible lessons produced these days. It’s a four-year program teaching Genesis to Revelation for kindergarten through adult—and it’s totally synchronized.

Answers Bible Curriculum is for all ages—young children through adults—and is perfect for the Sunday school classroom, Bible study, small groups, children’s Bible clubs, and more. Think of how powerful this kind of teaching is for parents—once they understand God’s Word in such a rich way and are equipped with answers, they can pass that along to their children! It has generational impact.

There’s really nothing like Answers Bible Curriculum for your church family. I encourage you to learn more and try a month of lessons for free at

(Oh, and if you’re a homeschool family, check out Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool.)

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