A Tempest in a Tweet Pot

I need to make a brief announcement. Ahem.

A day or two ago, Canon+ added some of Al Mohler’s content from a number of years ago, from back before the woke virus days. A firestorm of sorts broke out on Twitter, with one gentleman commenting on how much the times have changed. Al Mohler and Douglas Wilson doing something together, and Wilson is the one who got into trouble. This was taken by some as a sign that Canon was going woke, or something like that, which is not the case at all. Al’s stuff back then was really good, and we stand behind it. Unlike Al, apparently.

But others in the comment thread following Al’s tweet were questioning whether or not it was an ethics issue. I can assure everyone that it is not an ethics issue. Everything published on the Canon+ app was acquired on the up-and-up, fair-and-square, and all-legal-like. Whoever was advising Al to put some distance between himself and Canon was a bit hasty, and ought to have done some spade work before telling Al to pull his skirts away.

I may add more in a little bit.

Comments are open. As always, behave.

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