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How did Worcestershire sauce get its name? It is a fascinating story. Here in the States it used to be simply called “black sauce.” Various companies made it, and they used different recipes, but over time the sauce got more and more standardized.

It was used everywhere, but it was particularly popular in the American South. You couldn’t go into a restaurant without seeing a bottle of the stuff on every table. And everybody would just call it “black sauce.”

Well, there was an elderly gent who had lived his entire life in the rural countryside of Mississippi. He had been born on a farm there, and had lived on that farm after he inherited it, and he really liked being there on that farm. He was a homebody and didn’t want to go anywhere.

But one of his kids had gotten married, and had moved away, and even had begun to live in a town. This was unsettling, but the terrifying thing was that she and her husband started having kids, and this old gent was eventually prevailed upon to visit his kids, a venture which entailed visiting the town.

His kin thought that they should do everything they could think of to make his visit special, and so they thought that they should take him to dinner at a real restaurant. They also thought that they should be careful to not overdo it, and so they picked a restaurant that they thought would not give him a case of the fantods. They finally settled on Cracker Barrel.

When they were seated there, the old gentleman looked over at the rack that contained the various condiments, and there in the front was a bottle of black sauce, which was something he had never seen before in his life. Curious, he reached over and picked it up. “Washdisheresauce?” he said.

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