Q&A: King David, Homosexual Behavior, and Understanding Scripture


On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (08/25/22), Hank answers the following questions:

Was King David the father of Daniel?
My sister has been living a lesbian lifestyle; how can I share the truth with her without losing our relationship?
How should we answer the objections of those who say that since we don’t follow the other laws in Leviticus, why should we follow rules against homosexual behavior?
In John 1:31, why did John the Baptist say that he did not know Jesus if they were cousins?
Can you explain why Solomon calls life “meaningless” in Ecclesiastes chapter 9?
How should my friend respond to a deacon who told her the reason she doesn’t understand Scripture is because she’s not one of God’s chosen people?
When Jesus talks about getting two or three witnesses in Mathew chapter 18, do these people have to be actual eyewitnesses of the event?

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