A Pro-Life Movie Is Coming to Theaters, September 9—Don’t Miss It!

The fate of the lives of unborn children has been in the news (to put it mildly) this year in America—with many news outlets mourning any “setbacks” to the “freedom” to murder an unborn child at will. Our world needs the hope-filled message of the sanctity of life—and I’m excited that message is coming to a US theater near you, beginning September 9, 2022.

An unashamedly pro-life movie, promoting adoption instead of abortion, Lifemark is the latest full-length feature film from the Kendrick brothers, the same producers behind Courageous, War Room, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants. Inspired by a true story of adoption, Lifemark is coming to US theaters one week only, beginning September 9, 2022.

Through the powerful story of a young man named David, viewers will see what a blessing adoption is (while seeing the struggle that this sacrificial choice can be for birth parents) and how valuable each human life is. I encourage parents and churches to bring young people to see this film and to discuss it afterward.

You can learn more about this film and get tickets at Lifemarkmovie.com. I encourage you to show support of such a fine film and take friends and family. Let the world know we need more of these sorts of movies.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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