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So there was this airliner that was flying to Toronto. Shortly after takeoff, a striking and somewhat entitled blonde woman sitting back in coach got up, before the seat belt sign was off, made her way up to first class, and sat down in an empty seat that was there.

A flight attendant saw her make this move, and asked to see her boarding pass. When it was produced, she looked at it and said, very politely, that the woman’s assigned seat was back in economy class, and that she would have to move back there. To this the woman responded with, “I’m blonde, I am beautiful, I am going to Toronto, and I am staying right here.”

The flight attendant went up to the cockpit and told the pilot and copilot that she had something of a situation. There was a blonde diva who was poaching a seat in first class, and who wouldn’t go back to her seat. So the co-pilot sighed, and said, “I will give it a try.”

So he went back and explained to the woman that if you only paid for coach you have to sit in coach. To this the woman replied, again, “I’m blonde, I am beautiful, I am going to Toronto, and I am staying right here.”

The co-pilot went back to the cockpit and told the pilot that they should probably have the cops waiting when they got to Toronto. They were going to have to arrest this blonde. She wouldn’t listen to reason.

The pilot responded instantly—“You say she’s blonde? I speak blonde. I am married to a blonde. I’ll handle it.”

So he went back, leaned over and whispered in the woman’s ear. With that, she turned red, and said, “Oh, I am terribly sorry.” She got up promptly, and went back to her assigned seat in coach.

The flight attendant watched all this with amazement, and a few minutes later stuck her head into the cockpit and asked the pilot what he could have said to make her move without any fuss. “Yeah,” said the co-pilot. “What did you say?”

“Oh, I just told her that first class isn’t going to Toronto.”

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