Creation Museum Review: “My Expectations Were . . . Blown Out of the Waters”

Over the years, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum have received a lot of media attention—some positive, some negative, some purposefully misleading, and some very glowing, like the review I’m about to share.

This column from an Indiana newspaper praises the museum as a “treasure” that offers “substance for those reasons [for the hope we have].” The author also stated our Stargazer Planetarium is “the most spectacular [the author] has ever seen,” and our new Borderland: Israel at the Time of Jesus makes the events of the New Testament “leap off the pages of the Bible into your mind and heart.”

But my favorite part of the review was how it highlights our incredible staff, from our guest services staff to maintenance to our CCO (God has truly blessed us with wonderful staff in every department):

Several months ago, as I prepared for this month’s articles, I made contact with the communications staff at the museum. Explaining that I represented a local paper in Indiana, my intention was to talk with a marketing staff member to interview for a few quotes I could use in the column.

Instead I received an invitation for my wife and I to visit the museum. They welcomed us to tour the facility. They informed me there would be someone at the museum ready to speak with me when we wanted to ask any questions. My expectations were about to be blown out of the waters. Let me share some of them with you.

First, we were treated to an example of what should happen when a business makes the display of their faith the top priority. Before anyone knew that I would be writing an article about them, we were greeted by ticket takers, parking attendants, and maintenance people with sincerity and expressions of faith. People quickly went beyond the norm to help direct and guide our steps. It was obvious that the people wanted to be there and felt their role at the Creation Museum was a ministry.

Second, the beauty of the nature surrounding the Creation Museum was breath-taking. Scripture reminds us that all creation declares the nature and goodness of God. His attributes are on such majestic display there, the knees begin to tremble and a lump of tears and pride form in the throat. If you are looking for reasons to believe, you will find them a hundred-fold before you ever walk through the threshold of the doors of the Museum.

Third, the nature of the exhibits and displays are professional and stately. This is not a comic-book presentation of what some animator believes about the stories in Genesis. Archeological discoveries are expounded in academic detail. Graphics have been created by professionals with Madison Avenue expertise. Artifacts bring definition, historical context, and reality to the details of the faith you read and hear about . . .

Finally, I was dumb-founded as the person sent to give me a quote or two for the article was Mark Looy, the CCO of the Creation Museum and one of its co-founders. Mark took almost an hour of his time to sit down and talk about the ministry of the Museum . . .

We went on to discuss theology, apologetics, and the wonders of God’s creation. Every step through the Museum affirmed my faith, strengthened my convictions, and transformed my spirit. My wife and I talked non-stop about what we had experienced during dinner and the two-hour drive home.

The Creation Museum reminds me that I am not ashamed of my faith for I know whom I have believed. And I am persuaded.

We’re so thrilled these guests enjoyed the museum itself and were blessed by our talented and dedicated staff.

What a wonderful review! We’re so thrilled these guests enjoyed the museum itself and were blessed by our talented and dedicated staff. I encourage you to read the full review here.

I’m so thankful for the talented and dedicated staff the Lord has brought to us. And we’d love to have you join the team, as we’re hiring in a variety of departments at both attractions and the AiG ministry. You can see a full list of jobs and apply on our website.

And plan your visit to the Creation Museum, one of the world’s two leading Christian themed attractions, at

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