32 Pages of Biblical Worldview Teaching for Children—Delivered to You

The world our children and grandchildren are growing up in is a dark place, where sin is flaunted and celebrated even in the face of little children. We frequently hear from parents looking for safe resources that won’t promote sexual depravity and an LGBTQ lifestyle to their children. Well, one resource I always point them to is our Answers magazine.

This quarterly magazine is a phenomenal resource for the entire family. The main magazine is a wonderful tool for parents, grandparents, teens, and even middle schoolers. It’s fascinating to read, visually intriguing, and packed with biblical worldview teaching. And each issue comes with a newly updated and expanded 32-page magazine just for children, Kids Answers.

Children will love the Created Creature, Unlocking Science, and Explore Creation sections, letters, jokes, feedback from other kids, animal facts and pictures, activities such as “Scripture Sleuth” (to get children inside the Bible), and more. Your kids will love it! (And did I mention this phenomenal resource is included free with your Answers subscription?)

Receive a Free Book with Your Subscription

You don’t want to miss another issue of Answers and Kids Answers. And as a special offer, when you subscribe online, you’ll receive a free book of your choice:

Prepare to ThriveKen & Mally’s Family CookbookThe Gender and Marriage WarFearfully & Wonderfully MadePilgrim’s ProgressBuddy’s Crazy True-Life Adventures

Subscribe to our award-winning magazine today at AnswersMagazine.com.

Share Your Child’s Feedback!

And if your child or grandchild would like to be featured in Kids Answers magazine, each issue features a section in the back for publishing children’s feedback. We’d love to feature your art, letters, or jokes. You can email our magazine team at feedback@answersmagazine.com or mail a letter to:

Answers Magazine
PO Box 510
Hebron, KY 41048

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