An Discussion On Culture And “Gay Rights”


          -Following are a series of excerpts with responses to them from a debate that strayed far from its original topic:
          “Ah, but WHO is it that is plotting even now to deny the right to marry and other basic rights to LGBTQ people?”
          That is not happening anywhere except in the Middle East. No reasonable person has any plans whatsoever to deprive the group of people that you mention of any basic human rights. They are being treated just like everybody else.

          “It’s conservatives and the religious right. LGBTQ folks are NOT trying to tell straight people who they can and can’t marry.”

          We do not really see heterosexual people parading around the streets of cities in ridiculous and ugly attire exclaiming what they do behind closed doors. We do not see heterosexual people putting symbols of their sexuality on children’s cereal boxes during a specific month of each year. Have a sense of decency and honor.

          “Who is it who’s telling transgender folks which bathrooms they must use? It’s conservatives. LGBTQ folks aren’t telling conservatives which bathrooms to use.”

          There are only two genders which are determined by genetics. That people want to be called by something other than what they really are, is no one else’s problem but their own. There is no obligation on my part to affirm a man to be a woman or visa versa when all of human history up to this point did not do so.

          If this matter is really all that important, then businesses should create unisex, single person restrooms. Problem solved.

          “Who is it who’s telling gay or lesbian couples that they can’t adopt children? It’s conservatives. LGBTQ people aren’t trying to say that “Southern Baptists can’t adopt children!”

          Adoption is not a gay rights issue. It is a children’s issue.

          “LGBTQ people HAVE been oppressed for centuries/throughout history in nations around the world and in the US.”

          Even if that is true, they are not being persecuted in the West right now. This leads up to a bigger point, namely, the utter futility of trying to negotiate with people who have a victim mentality. They are never happy no matter what you do for them, always demanding more.

          “They just want to live their lives in peace and without oppression.”

          Dissidents only wish to be left alone and be able to live out normal lives without fear of their children being sexualized by predators.

          “Would you return to the days of criminalized homosexuality if you could?”


          “Would you deny the right of gay guys/lesbian women to marry who they want?”


          “The Supreme Court conservatives may do so.”

          The only thing that a Supreme Court with the kind of composition that it currently has would do is to relegate the matter to the states. If an overwhelming majority of people in one state wants abortion to be illegal, then they should be able to have it that way. That is the way in which our particular system of government works. If you do not like how a particular state is ran, then you can move to a different state in the country that better fits your standards of living. You could also run for office to change laws and publicly debate people to change minds.

          “Look, you are free to think what you want about LGBTQ people, but conservative Christians (and extremist Muslims) have lost this argument, at least in the free world.”

          Listen, progressives do not believe in a marketplace of ideas. That is why they must target children who are psychologically malleable and censor people who do not agree with their agendas. You espouse ideas that are both weird and immoral. Bad ideas do not become better just because more people embrace them. Wrong is still wrong even if everyone believes it.

          “That’s illegal discrimination and rightfully so. So, too, for gay customers. You don’t have to like it, but discrimination based on gender, race and sexual orientation is illegal in our nation.”

          You are making an invalid comparison. Skin color and gender is not changeable like sexual orientation. They are not behavioral characteristics as is homosexuality and lesbianism. They have nothing to do with each other. Gay customers should be served on the condition that employees are not required to violate their consciences. Normal people who have been turned down for religious reasons would simply go to other businesses that cater to them. There is such a thing as a right to not recognize and celebrate same-sex civil unions. Whenever laws are made against discrimination, you are discriminating against something else. There is a degree to which that is inevitable in life.

          “And for many of us, we thank God that these human rights have been accomplished because we’re fighting for justice and morality, as best we understand it.”

          Homosexuality is a sin against God. Affirming that kind of a lifestyle is insulting to Him. Such “marriages” are not recognized as valid before Him. However, I do not think that LGBTQ people should be shut out of society and denied access to basic needs. I do not think that they should be dehumanized. I do not have anything against such people personally. We live in a fallen world which cannot possibly live up to God’s perfect holiness. It is just that LGBTQ lifestyles should not be shoved down the throats of everyone else.

          “So then, rather than try to make some vague, unsupported and false claim about progressives in general, let’s talk about me and my positions. I am the one in this conversation, after all.”

          What are you expecting me to write for you, a book? I could bring up complaints of people being deplatformed from their social media accounts for expressing “controversial” opinions and public speakers who express different points of view being made to leave college campuses. Those are all ran by progressives.

          “That’s one way that’s one way that bigots use to demonize the other, make them monstrous, people who target children! It is an unsupported false claim.”

          It is not an unsupported false claim when children’s libraries contain books with sexually explicit content and there are parents who are outraged about it. It is not an unsupported false claim when there are reports of teachers telling students not to disclose the subject-matter of their classes to parents.

          “Are you saying that people who take the time to teach children are “targeting them” for propaganda?”

          Not exactly. It depends on the content of the instruction.

          “Or, when conservatives do it, they’re just being helpful, but when liberals do it they’re targeting and grooming children?? You see the problem with that, don’t you?”

          The problem is that children are basically being taught how to have sex. They should be being taught things like math, grammar, and science. Children should not be being sexualized. They have no real understanding of how the world works. Moreover, people have grown up to have sex for thousands of years without any instruction as to how it is done. They just procreated.

          “And if you find my positions weird And tomorrow, perhaps you can understand how I also find your positions weird and immoral. As well as unbiblical, ungodly and irrational.”

          I am not a radical. You are. You exposed yourself by talking. You are a liar. I know that you are okay with the destruction and corruption of innocence. Why else would you make an effort to defend exposing children to drag queen story hour?

          “After all I’m not trying to be objective, I’m saying that gay folks committing to one another in a loving respectful marriage is obviously, on the face of it, a good thing. How’s that bad?”

          That is not how God designed things to be. There does not have to be some other reason than that He has given us a moral standard to abide by.






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