New Fossil Exhibit Opens at the Ark Encounter

I’m excited to announce an eye-catching new giant fossil exhibit has just opened at the Ark Encounter. This exhibit features two very large, very stunning fossils, along with a custom mural and signage, and is an extension of our flood geology exhibit on the third deck of the Ark. I think it’s going to be another favorite photo spot!

The tall plant fossil is a palm frond fossil from the Fossil Lake Member of the Green River Formation. It’s huge—10’7”—and one of the largest specimens ever extracted from this formation. It’s a member of a fan palm species called Sabalites powelli (presumed extinct), which is very similar to living palmettos. The fish fossil is comprised of five different fish species, incredibly preserved with no evidence of decay or scavenging. These are stunning fossil specimens!

The exhibit will provide background information on the formation where these fossils were found and show how that location shows overwhelming evidence for catastrophic burial, not slow and gradual processes over millions of years as is generally assumed.

Come and see this new exhibit for yourself at the Ark Encounter, one of the world’s leading Christian themed attractions. Kids 10 and under enjoy free admission for 2022. Visit

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.






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