Reaching Youth at the Creation Museum!

With all the depressing things happening in the culture and much of the church, wouldn’t you like to read something that would encourage you and touch your heart in a special way? I have just the item to do that. But first . . .

Reaching Our Youth

I have been burdened lately concerning the way so many political leaders, school board members, and companies (e.g., Disney) are aggressively promoting an evil, anti-God worldview to the younger generations through schools, books, streaming platforms, other media, libraries, theme parks, etc. In many ways, it’s disheartening to observe what is happening. As well as this, we see a catastrophic generational loss from the church, with the latest statistics indicating less than 9% of generation Z and millennials now attend church.

I will never forget observing my parents’ burden to reach children with the Christian message as I was growing up in Australia. My mum and dad understood how important it was to reach the younger generations with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. As they were transferred to different places around the state of Queensland (my father was a school principal and was promoted every three years), a number of these areas did not have a Sunday school. So my parents would start a Sunday school which usually met in the school classrooms. They also would invite missionaries (such as those from the Open Air Campaigners) to come to the area and run evangelistic programs to reach kids. They would sacrificially give time and finances to make this all happen.

When my mother was a teenager, she started a Sunday school in the cane farming district she was growing up in. When she found out two young girls, who lived 1.5 miles from her, did not go to church, she arranged to ride the 1.5 miles on her bicycle and pick both of them up. She would then ride three miles to the Sunday school building and take them home afterward.

When she told me about this when I was a young boy, it really burdened me. “If my mother did that because of her heart to reach children with the gospel, what can I do to reach as many kids as I can?” Her testimony concerning this had a profound impact on my life.

I’ve always worked hard to ensure the ministry of Answers in Genesis produces materials for all ages, including children. The burden for the Creation Museum came out of a desire to reach young people and children with the truth of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, and the saving gospel. That’s one of the reasons both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter are so family-friendly and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

An Encouraging Response from a Young Reader

Now I receive many drawings and letters each week from young children. I try to personally respond to every one of them, as I do want to encourage and help equip them in the Christian faith. In November of last year, my monthly letter contained samples of just some of these letters and drawings. Many of you expressed to me how much you appreciated seeing these since it was such an encouragement. Well, this month I want to share with you something very special that happened in April.

We were contacted mid-April by a family who said their nine-year-old son would be visiting the Ark and Creation Museum and asked if he could make an appointment to see me as he had some questions for me. We found out his parents were taking his sister, who has a health issue, to a hospital in Baltimore, and the grandparents would be bringing her two young brothers to the Ark and Creation Museum during this time.

On April 25, nine-year-old Abe and his brother came to my office at the Creation Museum with their grandparents. We sat down and young Abe proceeded to ask me a number of questions he had written down. I answered each one for him. He then presented me with an illustrated book he had written just for me.

It was hard not to get too emotional as I read through this while Abe sat there with me. I just had to share this with you all. Abe is just one of thousands upon thousands of kids who have been impacted by the AiG ministry. Be encouraged as you read Abe’s illustrated book.

Hi, my name is Abe. I love science and dinosaurs. One day I heard about Ken Ham. Ken Ham was a scientist that knew a lot about dinosaurs, the Bible, and science. I have read two of his books and I hope I can get every one. Then when I heard more and more about Ken Ham, I made it my dream to meet him.

Every year, me and my family go to Baltimore for my sister’s appointments. My sister Emri has Marfan Syndrome and cannot fly, so we drive together. On our road trip we will arrive in Kentucky.

My Gamma and Gampa are flying out and meeting us. When my two sisters, my baby brother, and Mom and Dad are in Baltimore, my Gamma and Gampa are taking me and my brother to the Creation Museum and Ark, so I wrote a letter to Ken Ham.

It was the morning we leave on our trip. We all got ready and got in our big van. After we drove for a couple days, we met with Gamma and Gampa. Me and my brother went with Gamma and Gampa. Then after we drove for a while we stopped at the Creation Museum. When I wrote my letter someone responded and said that I could meet Ken Ham at the Creation Museum.

Me and my brother go with Gamma and Gampa. We come in the Creation Museum. Someone leads us to Ken Ham’s office. When I come in, I am a little nervous and excited. But then when I see him, he says hello and I do too. After that I do not feel so nervous anymore. I ask all of my questions to Ken Ham and he answers all of them. Finally I have completed my dream. It is time to leave. I do not want to leave but I know I have to. “Ken Ham is the best scientist in the world, and I want to be just like him when I grow up,” I think to myself.

Years have passed and I work at the Creation Museum now. I am a scientist that now knows a lot about dinosaurs, science, and the Bible, but I couldn’t do it without Ken Ham’s help. The end.

An Eternal Investment

I often think about how excited my parents would be to see the impact of their legacy on children like this. This is what it’s all about! Helping to raise up godly offspring who will impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ and pass on that spiritual legacy to the next generation.

Thanks, Abe, and we will be praying for your sister Emri too.

As you support AiG, you are making an eternal investment in the lives of such children as Abe. That’s a big part of the AiG ministry.

I ask for God’s people (you) to prayerfully and generously support this ministry as we continue, and increase, that investment in these children. Your gift of any size is vital to enable Answers in Genesis to continue this kind of impact. I’m so grateful for your partnership with us.






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