Why Do You Read the Bible?

My goal is not to tell you why you should read the Bible but to get you to ask yourself why you are currently reading the Bible. What are you trying to get out of it.

It is common for our purpose to change over time and possibly for there to be parallel goals in the same chapter of your life.

When I first started reading the Bible, I had two goals. I was a non-Christian who was being witnessed to by some very zealous Christians. My conscious goal was to try and prove them wrong in their version of Christianity. But really, I was trying to understand who this Jesus was and what it would mean for me to become his follower.

Later on I began to read the Bible just to try and understand how to develop a biblical worldview. What did it mean. to be a Christian? What does it mean when we say God created the world? What happens after we die?

As a pastor of a church, I often find myself reading the Bible to develop sermons and prepare Bible studies. However, I read the Bible devotionally as well to continue in my personal discipleship.

Why do you read the Bible?

Is it because that is what you are expected to do? Is it because you enjoy it? Is it a quest for knowledge? Is it about drawing closer to Jesus?

I would suggest that in addition to reading the Bible that we also take time to reflect on our goals. Knowing what we are trying to accomplish will help us to be more effective in our Bible reading.

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