The Carousel Is Almost Ready at the Ark Encounter

The stunning unique carousel at the Ark Encounter is almost completed! This will be an amazing teaching carousel with lots of artwork and signage about the flood account in Genesis and the animal kinds on the ark. Families will love it! I believe it’s going to be extremely popular and another great addition to our family playground area at this world-class Christian themed attraction.

Construction is almost finished, and lots of testing and staff training are taking place before it can open to our Ark Encounter guests. It will hopefully be opened by the end of the month or early August.

As I mentioned, this will be a teaching carousel. Not only are there scenes depicting various events associated with the ark and flood around the top of the carousel, but there will be many teaching signs about each of the animals people will be riding. The animals (representing animal kinds) sculptured for this ride are featured in various Ark exhibits.

Carousel rides are included with Ark Encounter admission and are open to everyone.

Carousel rides are included with Ark Encounter admission and are open to everyone (there are minimum weight and age requirements—must be two years and older to conform to state and manufacturer regulations). The platform was built flush with the floor to accommodate all levels of ability.

We can’t wait for families to be able to enjoy this new attraction at the Ark!

More Incredible Upgrades Coming

And there’s more coming to both attractions! At our design studios, our artists, sculptors, fabricators, and many others on our talented team do a lot of brainstorming as they design upcoming exhibits and refurbish and upgrade current exhibits. Right now, here are some projects they are working on:

A new welcome centerThe Palm Plaza upgradeThe Fearfully & Wonderfully Made expanded exhibitA conservatory and new petting zoo at the Creation MuseumA Children’s Zoo at the ArkA new fossil displayA Torah scroll exhibitAn exhibit showing models of Noah’s ark

As I’ve said before, there’s always something exciting happening at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum!

Plan your visit today at and—and remember, kids 10 and under are free for 2022!

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