Why Choose Keepers of the Kingdom for Your 2023 VBS?

Thousands of churches have been proclaiming a powerful pro-life message to children in their church and community this summer with our 2022 VBS Zoomerang: Returning to the Value of Life. Our Vacation Bible School, Answers VBS, is one of the top three in the world—and I personally believe it’s the most powerful VBS available. We choose topics relevant to today’s culture to help equip generations to stand boldly on God’s Word. And you can experience the Answers VBS difference next summer with Keepers of the Kingdom, an armor of God VBS.

Before I tell you all about Keepers of the Kingdom, I thought I’d share what makes our evangelistic VBS program different from other options:

Answers VBS isn’t “fluff and stuff” like many other curricula; it’s filled with deep content to give children a solid biblical foundation.Answers VBS is filled with apologetics (i.e., faith defense) teaching, a biblical authority emphasis, science experiments, great music, and much more. Answers VBS teaches children why we believe what we believe.Answers VBS has the most comprehensive digital tools.

But don’t just take my word for it—here are some reviews from VBS directors who have used (and love!) Answers VBS:

I just want to say that we did your VBS this year after doing another company for years and years and years. It was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I found it far more interesting and exciting than any year ever. We wondered if you were going to do a new one, and were so excited to see that you have another for next year. Keep up the good work in God’s kingdom. He will surely bless you all.
—Barbara A.We LOVE AIG!! We have used [another curriculum] for 40 years AIG offers a much deeper scope of scripture and truths, science experience which our kids LOVE, easier songs and motions, and an overall quality that we enjoy. The lessons plans are wonderful with skits, dramas, puppets, and flexibility to make it work for all!
—Jennifer S.The kids love the science rotation with AIG. We love the content! Been using Answers VBS for almost 10 years and I’ve never looked back!
—Christie D.We made the switch about 4 years ago, just after we switched the Sunday School curriculum. We love it! There is so much substance to it. All of our teachers love the materials. The resources and customer service are great, too.
—Suellen S.We love that the content is deeper than other programs and also helps teach apologetics to the children. The other programs tend to recycle the same 5 daily points with a different theme, but AiG focuses on different aspects of God’s word in addition to the gospel.
—Cheryl C.I feel confident that both church kids and visitors are walking away hearing the truth. We are not sacrificing depth to ensure easy to understand stories for the unchurched. And when the week is over I know I can point back to Answers in Genesis as a company that is trustworthy and has amazing resources for families to continue growing!
—Laura M.

Wow! Comments like those are so encouraging as our VBS team works hard to ensure each year’s VBS is better than the last, timely to the world we live in, and is giving children the deep truths from God’s Word that they crave.

As I mentioned above, our 2023 VBS is Keepers of the Kingdom, a medieval adventure featuring the armor of God and teaching kids how they can stand strong in today’s battle for truth. In a time where relativism is permeating the culture, kids need to know there is absolute truth and that it’s found in God’s Word. During VBS week, kids will learn these important lessons:

That we’re in a battle between two kingdomsWhat the pieces of the armor of God are and what they representThat there is absolute truth that’s for all people, all times, and all circumstancesTo put on what’s right (Jesus’ righteousness) . . . and do rightTo guard against false teaching and temptationsTo be ready to give an answer for the hope they have.

Join the many people I’ve talked to who say they’ll never go back now that they’ve tried Answers VBS—you won’t regret it! Your church will love the in-depth theology, doctrine, apologetics, and how relevant the topics are. Enjoy 25% off your Keepers of the Kingdom VBS order through January 10, 2023, when you use code VBS23B at checkout.

Learn more at AnswersVBS.com.

And be sure to join us for our 2023 VBS Showcase at the Answers Center at Ark Encounter, where you can enjoy tips from VBS veterans, try the crafts and science experiments, see the decorations, eat the snacks, shop with a special discount, and enjoy teaching sessions. This year’s showcase is January 28, 2023. Be sure to come the day before for Stand Firm, a preconference event on January 27, 2023, featuring teaching sessions from Dr. Georgia Purdom, Tim Chaffey, Bryan Osborne, Bodie Hodge, and me. This showcase and preconference are designed to equip you to make your VBS the best ever. Registration is coming soon, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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