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Fifteen years ago this past May, we opened the one-of-a-kind Creation Museum. The powerful world-class teaching exhibits have impacted millions of people with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel—it’s been such an incredible blessing to see what the Lord has done! But the Creation Museum is so much more than “just” the exhibits. Our guests enjoy daily presentations and family programs during their visit (and so much more), and our incredible facility allows us to host special hands-on science programs throughout the year called Explore Days.

They are such a memorable way to explore God’s creation through the lens of a biblical worldview!

Explore Days are one-day science programs that offer students (or families or adults) an opportunity to get “hands-on” with a science concept or field such as zoology, astronomy, botany, forensics, or microscopy—and that’s just a small selection: our dedicated team offers so many Explore Days options! These programs are available for students aged 11–18 (5–10 for our Explore Jr. program). These popular programs are such a memorable way to explore God’s creation through the lens of a biblical worldview!

All of these programs for 2022–2023 are now open for registration and will likely fill up quickly. Register your student(s) today!

And, new this year, Explosive Exploration with “Mr. P” (Roger Patterson) is just for adults and includes making fun fireballs and solving an arson investigation. You’ll love it! This particular program takes place at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.

We’re also offering High School Labs for high school students. These programs provide a year of labs in either biology (offered at both the Creation Museum and, new this year, at the Ark Encounter), chemistry, environmental science, forensics, or physical science. Taught by expert instructors, these Creation Museum labs are a great way for students to get lab practice while learning to see the world properly by using the Bible as the foundation. There’s not much room left, so register for these labs today.

I’m so thankful for all of these programs. As a former science teacher, it’s exciting to see children, adults, and families learning about science through the lens of God’s Word, not evolutionary ideas. It’s a combination you don’t often find, and I’m thankful parents have this resource now! Nowhere else in the world will you find such varied programs that are taught by talented professionals from a biblical worldview.

Explore all the programs we offer at

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