Kids Answers Has Doubled in Size—Again!

Our Answers magazine is a phenomenal resource for families. It’s packed with biblical worldview teaching, fascinating articles on topics you might never have thought much about, and even contains a magazine just for kids. And that kids magazine is now 32 pages in length! That’s right—we recently doubled the size of Kids Answers to 16 pages, and now we’ve doubled it again!

Here’s what you can find in Kids Answers:

More of the always popular animal facts and pictures that kids absolutely love,Created Creature and Unlocking Science sections have moved from Answers to Kids Answers,Letters, jokes, and other things we receive from kids,New sections like “Explore Creation” with colorful photos and “Scripture Sleuth” with an activity to get kids inside the Bible,More activities for kids to do,And more!

Kids Answers is an incredible resource—your kids will love it! (And you don’t have to worry about what they’re reading!)

All this is with no increase in the subscription price—Kids Answers is still included when you subscribe to Answers. And what can you expect with Answers? Well, here’s just a sneak peek of some of the faith-building articles in the latest issue:

“Life After the Flood.” Noah and his family spent over a year on the ark. What came next?“The Fungus Among Us.” We’re surrounded by fungi and it’s more fascinating than you can ever imagine.“Breaking Down Deconstruction.” It’s a huge buzzword in the church, “deconstruction.” Some Christians think it’s a good thing, others fear it. How should we be thinking about and responding to it?“Missing the Miraculous.” Do archaeologists misunderstand the past because they ignore the miraculous?

You don’t want to miss another issue of Answers. And when you subscribe online, you’ll receive a free download of a book of your choice, including:

Prepare to ThriveKen & Mally’s Family CookbookThe Gender and Marriage WarFearfully & Wonderfully MadePilgrim’s ProgressBuddy’s Crazy True-Life Adventures

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By the way, Answers magazine has won many awards over the years including another 20 this year.

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