The Palm Plaza Upgrade at the Creation Museum Is Finished!

It was an exciting week at the Creation Museum! In addition to welcoming thousands of visitors, we finished a major project. For many months, our remarkably talented fabricators, artists, and designers have been working on the first phase of our Palm Plaza upgrade. If you’ve been to the Creation Museum, Palm Plaza is the plaza on the second level that features the Dinosaur Den, Dr. Crawley’s fantastic Insectarium, and the new Borderland: Israel at the Time of Jesus. And this week, the major upgrade was finished!

We now have a beautiful new café downstairs, with stunning murals depicting victorious acts of God found in Scripture. The whole aesthetic is colorful and very beautiful, and guests are loving it.

This upgrade is all associated with the new Fearfully and Wonderfully Made pro-life exhibit opening October 8. This exhibit will be nearly triple the size of the current Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit and will powerfully present the pro-life message of the value of every human life and how God has made us fearfully and wonderfully. You will love it!

I am always blown away by the quality of everything our Creation Museum and Ark Encounter design team produces—they do such a fantastic job! This Palm Plaza upgrade is no exception.

Come and see it for yourself! Visit us in Northern Kentucky (west of the Cincinnati Airport)—remember, children 10 and under are free through 2022.

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