Podcast: The Revolutionary Disciple (with Jim Putman)

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus today? What unique challenges do Christians face in our present culture and how can we grow in our faith in our present moment? In this interview, Sean and Scott talk with pastor Jim Putman about his latest book The Revolutionary Disciple. They discuss unique challenges that Christians face today in the church and family and what barriers often prevent us from following Jesus today. Speaking from his own success and failures, pastor Putman offers a bold and fresh challenge for Christians.

Jim Putman is the senior pastor of Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho. He holds degrees from Boise State and Boise Bible College and is the author of multiple books including The Revolutionary Disciple (co-written with Chad Harrington).

Show notes, including a full transcript, are available at: biola.edu/thinkbiblically






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