You are Being Lied to, Regularly

In the aftermath of whatever it is that happened in Uvalde, the amount of jaw-dropping lies being told to the public is astonishing. And people get away with it because so many are utterly ignorant of firearms basics. It is easy to understand why folks overseas, who have been disarmed for decades, would not be able to detect the lies, but it is the American public that seems utterly taken in by some of the silliness. So since I am still at home (caring for my wife who is, thankfully, on the mend from Covid now), I decided a primer on firearms would be useful for everyone so that, hopefully, at least after watching and listening you will be able to tell when someone is completely trying to snow you and fool you. I did not undertake this to try to argue for a particular side in a debate, but to clear the field of so much of the stupidity that keeps any meaningful discussion from taking place.

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