Happy 15th Anniversary, Creation Museum!

Well it’s hard to believe, but it’s been 15 years today since the Creation Museum opened. The Lord has certainly blessed the ministry of Answers in Genesis for stepping out in faith to open a museum dedicated to showing the truth of God’s Word starting from the very first verse. The Creation Museum officially opened to the public on May 28, 2007, with the ribbon-cutting ceremony two days prior on May 26 (see photo below).

A May 26, 2007, ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by AiG staff and supporters, plus the world’s media. Left to right: Ken Ham, Mark Looy, Patrick Marsh, Mike Zovath, and Don Landis.

Now, as I think back to the opening of the Creation Museum, what I recall the most was how hard the atheists fought it (and even some Christians and church leaders scoffed and said it wouldn’t be successful). And even though it only seems like yesterday that the world’s first major Creation Museum opened, millions of guests (including millions of kids) have visited and been impacted with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

In honor of the museum’s 15th anniversary, I reached out to the other two co-founders of AiG and asked them what they most recall about building the Creation Museum. AiG’s CCO Mark Looy shared,

Of course, the Ark Encounter is a remarkable, world-class attraction. But when I’m occasionally asked which one I prefer, the Ark or the Creation Museum, I answer: the museum! In a high-tech and visually stunning way, the museum captures the very essence of the AiG ministry as we proclaim the accuracy and authority of the entire Bible, not just Genesis. That’s a much-needed message for churches today. So, bring a church group here, as well as your unbelieving friends!

And CAO Mike Zovath thought about the people that God brought to the Creation Museum and said,

I am constantly amazed at the quality and diversity of talent God keeps pouring into every area of AiG. Exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. And just the right talent at just the right time of need.All three of us acknowledge that this was God’s work and God’s guiding hand that saw it through to completion.

As you can see, each of us looks back over the past 15 years with a different perspective. I think of the opposition to the museum and the incredible impact the creation gospel message has had on millions of visitors. Mark recalls the quality of the museum’s exhibits in explaining and proclaiming the truth of all of God’s Word. And Mike recalls the extremely talented people (artists, designers, carpenters, etc.) who stepped out in faith (often leaving their current jobs and relocating to northern Kentucky) to help us make the vision of the Creation Museum a reality. And all three of us acknowledge that this was God’s work and God’s guiding hand that saw it through to completion.

I also can’t help but think of the desire I first had back in Australia in 1979 for a God-honoring Creation Museum. At times, after relocating to Kentucky in 1994, I was frustrated with the delays and opposition to building the museum, but God’s timing is always perfect. Indeed, the present location of the Creation Museum is due to God using those obstacles we faced to steer us to the best possible location for this museum.

Now 15 years after the opening of the Creation Museum, I still marvel at the work God has done, both here and at the Ark Encounter. And if you haven’t visited the Creation Museum yet, why not make this the year you celebrate our “sweet 15” with us. I encourage you to go to CreationMuseum.org and see all the exciting, God-honoring, and family-friendly things we have to offer.

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