Content Cluster Muster [05-26-22]

A Fun New Book About Inflation

And the Years Are Getting Shorter

Shorter Catechism Put to Song

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Yes, Quite

Watch for Deer

On Not Taking a Hint

Jokes I Like to Tell

Once there was a mousy little man who took his wife downtown for a date—dinner and a movie kind of thing. After the movie let out, they were walking back to their car, and they were accosted by a gang of rowdy thugs. These men were being bad, but not evil, if you take my meaning. There had also been a bit of alcohol involved.

They surrounded the couple, and started to harass and taunt them, and the man was saying, “Gentlemen, gentlemen. This is most unnecessary . . .”

One of the thugs pulled out a piece of chalk that he happened to have, and he drew a circle around the man. “You stay in that circle,” he said, “or you will regret it.”

And then, much to the glee of his companions, he grabbed the wife’s arm and led her off about ten feet away, where he proceeded to go through her purse, kissed her on the neck, tousled her hair, made a bunch of inappropriate comments, and so on. This went on for about five minutes, and all being done for the benefit of the mousy little husband in the circle.

But after a few minutes of this the entertainment got old, and the thugs decided that what they really wanted was a few more drinks, and so they blew off down the street.

When they were alone, the husband and wife walked slowly back to the car, not saying a word. When they got home, the wife finally spoke up. “Honey, I was really disappointed in your failure to stand up for me. Really disappointed.”

And the husband was shocked. “I can’t believe you,” he said. “I stepped out of that circle three times.”

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