Apologetics 315 Podcast 074 – Intelligent Design with Casey Luskin

Today’s Show Notes:Episode 074 – Intelligent Design with Casey Luskin Don’t forget to fill out the PODCAST SURVEY for a chance to win a prize! In this episode Brian Auten & Chad Gross interview Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute on the topic of intelligent design. 0:22 – Casey Luskin Intro3:23 – Casey’s background and how he got involved in ID8:02 – Casey’s work with Discovery Institute14:42 – What do we mean when we talk about Intelligent Design?22:40 – How does creationism get confused with ID?32:04 – Examples of testable predications made by ID44:13 – Biggest developments in ID in the past 10 years50:14 – The practical on-the-ground research and work being done by ID53:11 – What are the problems with holding to theistic evolution?1:04:07 – Some powerful ID arguments1:08:10 – Prominent scientists who are supporting ID1:16:45 – Further resources: Discovery.orgEvolutionnews.orgID The Future Podcast: idthefuture.com Record your questions here. (Or…






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