Keeping the Mules Honest

So I haven’t had an opportunity yet to view 2000 Mules, but what with the buzz about it, and clips floating around, together with other bursts of info and what not, I need to say something. There is one aspect of the whole story that simply encapsulates our fin-de-siècle cluelessness in a nutshell. This one thing, better than any other thing could, illustrates how the guardians of our republic are simply a bunch of palookas, while the children of darkness are much, much shrewder than the palookas are, as the Scripture also testifieth.

A mule is a ballot trafficker, traveling through the night to drop off twenty or so ballots at each ballot drop-off point. There were hundreds of them, their routes captured via cell phone tracking, and their activities were captured via surveillance cameras pointed at the ballot drop boxes. Okay, got the set up? The mules are doing this for money, and in order to get paid, they then had to step back and take a snapshot of the ballot drop-off box in order to prove that they had been there.

And here’s the thing that just tickles me. The mules had to take these photos to guard against cheating.

The people attempting to steal an election have a better grasp of the importance of true accountability than do scores of election officials, all of whom apparently promised their constituencies that, if elected, they would make sure to be asleep at the switch. The people running this operation, in other words, unlike our election officials, knew what kind of people they were dealing with.

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