Content Cluster Muster [05-12-22]

And This Web Site is a Total Blast

Try Greenland first though.

Always Good to Check

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Bad Day at the Warehouse

A Bit of All Right

And as always, more here.

Autumn Leaves Optional

Jokes I Like to Tell

Back in the pioneer times, before Seattle was a regular town, the sidewalks were boardwalks, and the streets, unfortunately, were simply dirt. This is something you could get away with in a place like Dodge City, but Seattle had a rainy season, and, truth be told, it was an extensive rainy season.

A certain young man, newly arrived, was there and ready to make his fortune, and so he spent a few days just walking around, trying to get the feel of the place in his bones. He was not deterred by the fact that it had rained steadily for a couple of days straight. He was resolved to become a native, and dealing with the rain was apparently going to be a part of that.

Unfortunately, there were more than a few times when he had real trouble getting across the street to the opposing boardwalk, and this was because by the second day of rain the streets had turned into long stretches of surly, angry, and very brown mud.

So that afternoon, he was walking along the boardwalk when he saw, out on the street, a really nice Stetson hat. It was really nice, and he didn’t have a hat. And so he gingerly walked down some wooden steps that went down to the street, grabbed a pole, and leaned out over the street and picked up the hat.

To his utter astonishment, there was a head underneath it. “Oh!” the young man said. “I’m sorry. I thought the hat was lost. Very sorry.” He started to put the hat back, and then, with a second thought, said, “Say, do you need any help?”

“Ah, naw,” the man said. “Got a good horse under me.”

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