Apologetics 315 Podcast 073 – Street-Level Apologetics with Vocab Malone

Today’s Show Notes:Episode 073 – Street-Level Apologetics with Vocab Malone Don’t forget to fill out the PODCAST SURVEY for a chance to win a prize! In this episode Brian Auten & Chad Gross interview Vocab Malone about his book Street-Level Apologetics. They discuss practical evangelism and apologetics. 0:21 – Intro to Vocab Malone2:12 – Vocab’s background in Christian hip-hop & evangelism4:26 – “Does your family call you ‘Vocab’?”5:39 – How did Vocab get into evangelism and apologetics?9:49 – What is contextualization and what does it look like?13:39 – Critiquing other worldviews18:56 – Using theological terms when doing evangelism22:46 – The PREACH acronym for doing evangelism30:36 – Why use a presuppositional approach in apologetics?34:03 – Why presup is not simply the transcendental argument42:17 – Encouragement to trust the Lord with the result of our labor46:11 – Where to find further resources from Vocab Malone Further resources:Webpage:www.vocabmalone.com Vocab Malone YouTube Channelwww.youtube.com/vocabmalone Street-Level…






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