Video: The Messiah Didn’t Come to Deal ONLY With the Fall

I appreciate how Heiser sets up the problem (or, more specifically, the three problems) that the Messiah came to correct. Dr. Heiser does a fantastic job of helping us understand the OT and NT in context of the Ancient Near East. Dr. Michael S. Heiser: Let’s talk about Messianic Expectations: if you have the three rebellions, thematic structure, in your head, you will see how the work of Jesus fixes the death problem in Genesis 3, the depravity problem in Genesis 6, and the disinheritance of the nations in Genesis 11. If you get the Old Testament Israelite and the Second Temple Jew living in your head, you will see the Old Testament a lot differently. And you will see the logic of the work of Christ to address all three of these rebellions and problems. Check this out!






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