Cut and Paste Info on Abortion

The following outline information is intended to aid Christians in dealing with the abortion issue. There our questions below that Christians need to ask the pro-abortion advocates. They deal with the nature of humanity, rights, and more. The Christian should not be passive in this issue. He or she should seek out those who advocate killing life in the womb and expose your ungodly behavior.


Abortion Procedures

Dilatation and Extraction, D&X, (Partial Birth Abortion)

The baby is delivered feet first.  The head is left inside the birth canal.  A sharp instrument is used to puncture the rear of the skull at the base and the brains are sucked out.  Once dead, the baby is fully delivered.

Dilatation & Curettage (D&C)

Abortive procedure where the abortionist inserts a curved knife into the placenta and cuts the baby up into pieces before it is suctioned out.  Done in the first trimester.

Dilatation & Evacuation

An abortive procedure where an abortionist inserts a pliers-like instrument into the uterus.  The abortionist then grabs whatever part of the baby it comes in contact with.  Then, by twisting and pulling, the baby is dismembered, killed, and pulled from the womb.

Mifepristone or Mifeprex (RU-486)

A pill is taken after conception that stops the absorption of Progesterone, a hormone necessary for sustaining a pregnancy.  Taken with misoprostol that causes the uterus to contract and eject the newly conceived baby.

Partial-Birth Abortion

An abortive method where all the baby is delivered except the head.  With its body outside of the vaginal canal, the doctor then uses a sharp instrument to pierce the back of the skull of the baby and scramble the brains, killing it.  Then the baby is fully delivered.

Pregnancy Reduction

An abortive method of reducing the number of babies in the womb (twins, triplets, etc.) by injecting a poison into the heart of one or more of the babies while still in the womb.

Saline Amniocentesis

 An abortive method where a highly concentrated salt solution is injected into the placenta.  The baby takes the salt into the lungs as well as swallowing it.  After more than an hour, the baby dies and the mother delivers the body a day or two later.


“Rescue the weak and needy.  Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.” (Psalm 82:4).
“Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, O hold them back.” (Prov. 24:11).

Chronological development of a baby

1st week (1st month)

The sex of the baby is determined. 2) Genetic traits are determined. 3) Embryo travels from the fallopian tube to the uterus.

2nd week (1st month)

The egg is implanted in the wall of the uterus. 2) Placenta develops.

3rd week (1st month)

The heart begins to develop, 18-25 days. 2) Brain begins to develop. 3) Intestinal tract begins to develop.

4th – 5th weeks (1st month)

Vertebra begins to develop. 2) Blood flow begins. 3) Eye development begins. 4) Arm and leg development begin. 5) The umbilical cord begins to form.

6th week (1 – 2 months)

Fingers and the toes appear. 2) Nose, ears, develop. 3) Joints are developing.

7th week (1 – 2 months)

All essential organs are developing. 2) Eyelids form.

8th week (2 months)

Muscle contraction occurs. 2) Facial features become more prominent. 3) Heart has four chambers.

9th – 12th week (2 – 3 months)

The baby is about 3 inches long. 2) The neck develops. 3) Arms and legs begin to lengthen. 4) Genitals are well defined.

13th – 16th weeks (3 – 4 months)

The baby is about 6 inches. 2) Hair begins to develop. 3) The baby moves. 4) Lungs develop. 5) If female, the ovaries contain about 2 million eggs. 6) The face is more developed. 7) The baby can suck its thumb.

17th – 20th weeks (4 – 5 months)

The baby is about 8 inches. 2) Eyebrows form. 3) Nails on fingers and toes form. 4) Movement can be felt by the mother. 5) The circulatory system is working. 6) Swallowing begins to occur.

21st – 24th weeks (5 – 6 months)

The baby is about 11 inches long 2) The baby weighs about 1.5 pounds. 3) Fingerprints form. 4) The baby can hear and react to sounds from outside the womb.

25th – 28th weeks (6 – 7 months)

The baby is about 15 inches long. 2) The baby weighs about 2.5 pounds. 3) Survivability outside the womb is possible. 4) The baby can react to light from outside the womb.

29th – 32nd weeks (7 – 8 months)

The baby is about 16 inches long. 2) The baby weighs about 4.5 pounds. 3) All bones are fully developed.

33rd – 40th weeks (8 – 9 months)

The baby is about 18 – 21 inches long. 2) The baby weighs about 6 – 8 pounds. 3) The baby is ready to be born. 4) Sleep patterns are apparent. 5) Strong movement is very apparent.

Freedom of Choice

People say that abortion is about the right to choose. But is that the same thing as having the right to choose to kill? An abortion is the killing. Therefore, the word “choice” is a misdirection and a misrepresentation of the issue. It is not simply about “choice.” It is about the so-called “right” to kill the life in the womb. It is about the realization of the mother’s choice to deem that life worthy of continuing or not continuing based on her desires. This is subjective worth evaluation and has no basis in ethical determination.



When does life begin?

Life does not begin at conception. It continues. Life does not come from nonlife.

Nature of life

If you say that the life in the womb has no nature at all, but that is just ‘alive’ then from where did this independent, noncontingent life derive its existence?

Human nature

When does human nature begin?

Conception – then from where does humanness manifest? Out of thin air? From the parents? Is it inherent in genetics?

Is the life in the womb of a mother, human or not human? If it is human, then are the pro-abortionists advocating that women freely kill human life, a life that has committed no crime worthy of execution?
If the life in the womb is NOT human, then what IS its nature? Is it cat-nature? Is it dog nature? Is it fish nature?

If you say no to each, then you realize what that life in the mother’s womb is not. Then that means you recognize at least some aspect of the nature of the life in the mother’s womb.
Furthermore, if you state that you don’t know what nature it is, then logically it must be possible that the life in the human womb must somehow possess the nature of a dog. After all, if you assert that the life in the womb is not human, then aren’t you open to the possibilities of other creaturely natures?

What must happen to that life that changes its nature from nonhuman to human?
If the life in the womb is NOT human, then at what point does it become human?

If you don’t know, why risk killing a human?

If you cannot tell us if the life in the mother’s womb is human or not, then you cannot justify killing it since you will then risk killing human life. (Remember, the source of that life in the mother’s womb is human and that life possesses human DNA)
If the life in the womb is NOT human, is it okay to transport it into the womb of a dog?  If not, why not?
If you propose ANY criteria by which you when the life in the womb becomes human, then how do you validate those criteria as being correct?

Mother’s Body, Mother’s Rights

If the life in the womb is assigned life value based on the mother’s desire, then does that mean that human-based life has no intrinsic value?
If you say the mother has the right to do with her own body as she desires, then are you consistent and say she has the right to take drugs (heroin, meth, etc.) that can harm the life in her womb?
If you say no, then you restrict the scope of a person to do with her body as she desires?

If you say yes, then you detach the responsibility of the mother to protect and nurture the life that grows within her?

If you say the mother has the right to do with her own body as she desires, then does her body constitute having two heads, forearms, and four legs?

If you say yes she has two heads, four arms, and four legs, then you need to take a course in biology (and metaphysics) and learn what it means to be a human being.
If you say no, she does not have two heads, four arms, and four legs, then you recognize the distinction between the two human-based lives: one inside the womb, and one outside of it.
If you say the mother has the right to do with her own body as she desires, so she can kill the life in her, then are you saying that there is no intrinsic value to human-based life?
If you say the mother has the right to do with her own body as she desires, that if she desires suicide, would you support or in that decision?
If yes, then on what basis do you affirm suicide?
If you say no, then you go against the principle that a person has a right to do with his or her own body as that person desires.

Questions in paragraph form

Is the growing life in the womb human?

Is the growing life in the womb human? If you say that it is not human which makes it okay to kill, then we have to ask what is it, if not human? What is its nature? Does the life in the womb have the nature of a dog, or a cat, or a fish, or a tree, or a bird? Everything that exists has a nature. So, if the life in the womb is not human by nature, then what is it? If you don’t know, then you don’t have the right to risk killing that which is (even from the pro-abortionist perspective) potentially human. If the woman does not know if the life in her is human and she kills it, then she is risking killing human life. In addition, if the life in the womb is not human, when does it change into being a human? If the woman does know when the change from non-human to human occurs, then how can she justify the risk of killing a human? Finally, just a thought. If that life in the womb is not human, then is it okay to transfer it into the womb of a cat or dog? It should be okay if it
isn’t human. But, if you say it is wrong, then why? Is it because you know it has human nature?

My body; My choice.

If a woman says that she has a right to do with her body as she desires, that is fine. But does that right extend to the separate life within her? Is that body in her the same as her own body? Is that life within her the same life as her own life? Or is it a different body and a different life? If it is a different body with different genetics, different blood type, etc., then it isn’t her body that is growing in her, is it? Think about it. That life is IN her. Therefore, it is NOT her body; otherwise, her body would have two heads, four arms, and four legs.

It isn’t human

But, some say that the life in the womb is not human any more than a skin cell is human. A skin cell is not human. It does not contain “human nature” It is a skin cell. Its nature is to be a skin cell the same as a bone cell’s nature is bone and a hair cell’s nature is hair. The fertilized egg in the mother’s womb has a human nature and within that human nature are the subparts of skin, bone, and hair. Therefore, to equate the part to the whole is an error in logic known as the fallacy of composition where the part is said to be equal to the whole. It isn’t.

Belief is one’s own business the following

Some say that their beliefs are their own business and no one has the right to challenge it. But that too is faulty thinking. What a person believes matters to others because people behave based on what they believe. If someone believes it’s okay to run red lights and stop at green lights in traffic, then that belief “only matters to the person” but it will quickly become dangerous. So, that thinking doesn’t work either.


Motherhood is a great privilege. Along with it comes nurturing, sacrifice, and care for another life.  But, when women seek so casually to kill that which grows in the womb, then how are they nurturing, sacrificial, and caring?  Where is their motherhood then?

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