Apologetics 315 Podcast 072 – Podcast Review & Survey

Today’s Show Notes:Episode 072 – Podcast Review & Survey In this episode Brian Auten & Chad Gross discuss the main takeaways from a number of previous podcast episodes. Don’t forget to fill out the PODCAST SURVEY for a chance to win a prize! 0:28 – The purpose of today’s podcast review.2:29 – Book recommendation: Is Atheism Dead? by Eric Metaxis5:29 – Book recommendation: Fearless Prayer by Craig Hazen7:14 – Podcast recommendation: The Knight & Rose ShowYoutube: https://a315.co/3kAAa5fiTunes: https://a315.co/38IhAFW8:39 – Feedback Survey and Giveaway9:23 – Preview of Upcoming Guests9:54 – Lenny Esposito with Cultural Apologetics10:59 – Pastoral Apologetics with Phil Fernandes11:51 – Kurt Jaros – What about those who haven’t heard?12:14 – The Power of Testimonies with Eric Manning13:56 – Rationality vs. Bigotry14:24 – Cultural Apologetics with Paul Gould15:20 – Spiritual Warfare with Karl Payne16:46 – Person of Interest with J. Warner Wallace17:58 – Dealing with Doubt18:28 – A Cornucopia of…






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