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One of the greater disasters in American history was the Johnstown Flood. This happened in Pennsylvania in 1889 when the South Fork Dam failed after some days of extremely heavy rainfall. This dam was upstream from Johnstown, and the tragic result was that over two thousand people perished.

But there was one fellow who survived it. His tale was a remarkable one—a tale that highlighted this particular fellow’s tenacity, grit, cussedness, and sheer good luck. He first took refuge on the roof of a house, and when he was washed off, he rode a makeshift raft made out of a jumble of furniture for a mile or so, and after that he swam for a bit, and finally made it to dry ground.

He was the sort of person who shines in adversity, but he did have a tendency to talk about his adventures and exploits. As the years went by, and as he became an old codger, and as memory of the Flood faded in the minds of the populace, he became notable for stories “about the time the waters came.” There was even a period spanning a couple of years when he undertook a moderately successful lecture tour, in which he lecture on the kind of pluck that it takes to survive something like the Johnstown Flood.

All things considered, it has to be admitted that by the end of his life he had become somewhat tedious. He was, by the time got to his mid-eighties, something of a bore.

The time finally came, however, when this gentleman died and went up to the Pearly Gates. Despite his foibles, he was a good Christian man, and even in his lectures he was only seeking to inform and edify. And so naturally, he asked St. Peter at the gates if there would be any possibility of printing up some flyers and securing a venue where he could give his little talk on the Johnstown Flood.

Much to the surprise of a few of the angels, St. Peter was agreeable, and said that they had just the lecture hall. It would be perfect.

When the day of the lecture arrived, the man was standing at the lectern, adjusting his notes, filled with excitement over the prospect of giving his talk on the flood in Heaven, of all places. The hall was perfect, seating several thousand folks, and it was ten minutes before the announced time, and the hall was almost full already. And it was at just that moment that St. Peter came over to him, and asked if there was anything he needed. “No, no,” the man said. “I’m all set.”

St. Peter turned to go, but then turned back at the last minute. “I thought I should tell you,” he said, “that Noah is in the audience.”

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