Podcast: Making the Case for the Personhood of the Holy Spirit

Apologists spend much of their time defending the existence of God and the historicity of Jesus, but what about the third member of the Trinity? Here, Dr. Bobby Conway gives a sermon to his church on “the case for the Holy Ghost”. Unapologetic: If you take your faith seriously, spend time studying God’s word, and wish to defend the Truth of the Christian faith, you are in the right place. Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel and liking this video. You can also find this show as an audio-only podcast. Today, we will hear a clip from Bobby’s recent sermon at Image Church. We will only be able to play a portion of this message on the show, but you want to hear the whole thing, please visit Imagechurch.live and click watch to see the rest of it. Bobby will be presenting the case for the personhood of the Holy…






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