Quotes from The Physics of Heaven, by Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin

This article is a compilation of quotes from The Physics of Heaven by Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin. There are many more quotes that I could have included, but I decided not to make this article too unwieldy. Unfortunately, The Physics of Heaven is a dangerous book that supports Christians looking into the New Age Movement to see what they can discover as long as it harmonizes with the New Apostolic Reformation’s interpretation of Scripture. This is exceedingly dangerous. Furthermore, what is disturbing is that the contributing authors to this book (Judy Franklin, Ellyn Davis, Bob Jones, Bill Johnson, Jonathan Welton, Ray Huges, Dan McCollam, Cal Pierce, Larry Randolph, David Van Koevering, Beni Johnson) have no problem, and no discernment when it comes to separating God’s truth from man’s ungodly teachings.

I caution the reader. If you choose to read The Physics of Heaven to judge for yourself, please understand that many people can make things sound good but are not. These authors can do just that. They also repeatedly misapplied Scripture as they inadvertently encouraged people to look into the New Age and Quantum Mysticism. Again, this is dangerous. I’d recommend reading The Physics of Heaven: Theology of the New Apostolic Reformation by Frederick Osborn, who analyzes the book.  It’s good.

The following people endorse the book.  So, I would recommend avoiding them as well.

Phil Mason – special director, new earth tribe, Byron Bay, Australia.
Banning Liebscher – Jesus Culture Director, Bethel Church in Redding, California.
Steve Witt – Senior leader, Bethel Church, Cleveland

I am dismayed at what is happening in the New Apostolic Reformation.

Finally, I’ve underlined some of the more important quotes and color-coded those that are even worse.


Like the Pharisees, the modern religious spirit does not understand that the existence of the false proves that there is an authentic.” (p. 48, Jonathan Welton)
Knowledge puffs up because it just equips us to debate with other Christians.(pp. 32-33, Bill Johnson)

Coming Revival/Work of God

“I believe what the Lord has been showing both of us is the absolute truth that will help us bring God’s kingdom to this earth. The Lord is ready to use sound, light, and energy in ways we never dreamed,” (Introduction, Judy Franklin)
I saw the greatest revival the world has ever known, filled with people clamoring to know this magnificent God of ours.” (Introduction, Judy Franklin)
“The next thing the Lord told me was that soon He would release a sound from heaven that will literally change the structure of how we think…Bringing heaven to Earth is our mandate.” (p. 2, Judy Franklin)
The power of the world to come will be 10 times that of Pentecost.” (p. 24, Bob Jones)
We’re going to take authority over everything down here back and literally give it back to the Father.” (p. 27, Bob Jones)
We’re being prepared for the main Pentecost and millennial power, our priesthood power. We’re being prepared for the priesthood of Melchizedek, and not only to be holy priests but also kings—living stones united together, vibrating together.” (p. 25, Bob Jones)
“I believe we are on the verge of experiencing Pentecost on a new level and in a new measure.” (p. 95, Larry Randolph)
All of the contributors to chapters in this book sense that God is on the verge of releasing something new on the earth and that new thing somehow involves vibrations, frequencies, energy, sound, light, and taking “quantum leaps” by faith…we can reach into God for what has been reserved for tomorrow and pull it into our today.” (p. 171, Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin)

Discover the good in the false

“And then, because we are exploring territory that some people fear is full of counterfeits, Jonathan Welton explains that Christians need not be afraid of being deceived by counterfeits, but should realize that whenever we see a counterfeit, we should try to discover the “real” behind it.” (Introduction, Judy Franklin)
“If there is a counterfeit, there is an authentic that we need to find and reclaim.” (p. 42, Jonathan Welton)
To test all counterfeits, both natural and spiritual, you must determine the source.” (p. 43, Jonathan Welton)


Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is a substance. It is the invisible substance from which your physical world was and is being created by Jesus Christ. Annette Capps said, “God used faith substance and word energy to create the universe(p. 144) Matter has memory, and you can change everything that has been recorded by what you observe, by the words you declare, or by the curses you remove and release in the name of Jesus.” (pp 143, 144, David Van Koevering)


“We invite you to come along with us on our voyage of discovery into unmapped territory.” (Introduction, Ellyn Davis Judy Franklin)
“Toward the end of his life, I was fortunate to sit under the teaching of Ern Baxter. In his younger years, Ern had been an associate of William Branham, so he had seen more healings and miracles than almost anyone I have ever met.” (p. 18, Ellyn Davis)
“One time, years ago in Atlanta I was at a church with Rick Joyner and there was a sound that seemed to be coming out of the ceiling. Everybody heard it. It had an angel power with it.” (p. 25, Bob Jones)

New Age

“It wasn’t that I wanted to become a New Ager, I just wanted to find out if maybe they had uncovered some truths the church hadn’t. The strange thing was, much of what I saw and heard embodied biblical principles and could be backed up by Scripture.” (p. 14, Ellyn Davis)
“I was familiar with the principles that “whenever you see a counterfeit, it means a real exists” and that “a lie just proves the existence of a truth,” so I decided to investigate what was going on and bring my scientific background and my faith in Jesus Christ into the mix of my search for truth. I decided to examine New Age thought and practice for anything “precious” that might be “extracted” from the worthless.” (p. 15, Ellyn Davis)
“At that time, I could not find a single Christian leader who shared a similar interest in finding out if there were truths hidden in the New Age. Now we are beginning to hear more and more revelation that is in line with what New Agers have been saying all along and we are hearing more and more teaching about Christians “taking back truths” from the New Age that really belong to citizens of the Kingdom of God.” (p. 15, Ellyn Davis)
“They [all the contributors to the book] all agree that the next move of God will cause a shift at the deepest level of who we are—perhaps at the very “vibrational level” that the New Age movement has been exploring. They also all agree that there are precious truths hidden in the New Age that belong to us as Christians and need to be extracted from the worthless.” (pp. 18-19, Ellyn Davis)
The way that God moves in power looks a lot like the New Age, and this has scared many Christians away from operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” (p. 45, Jonathan Welton)
“One reason it has become increasingly difficult to discern the counterfeit from the authentic is that the New Age movement has been adopting Christian language for the past several decades.” (p. 45, Jonathan Welton)
“Are psychics and New Agers operating in real power?” The answer is yes, but they have climbed in as trespassers. They have not accessed the spirit realm through Jesus.” (pp. 46-47, Jonathan Welton)
It is dangerous to operate in spiritual realms without being in right relationship with the Lord of heaven and earth.” (p. 47, Jonathan Welton)
I have found throughout Scripture at least 75 examples of things that the New Age has counterfeited, such as having a spirit guide, trances, meditation, auras, power objects, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and more. These actually belong to the church…(p. 49, Jonathan Welton)

“What if the new age people are doing astral projection, then should we Christians reclaim that for our own?

“Perhaps the most significant thing we can do to position ourselves for the “new sound” is to start recovering the truths that are currently held captive by many unbelievers. Many New Agers, for example, have already begun to explore the phenomenon of synesthesia and are desperately trying to “tune in” to multiple realms of spiritual reality. In a small measure, many have succeeded in this spiritual quest.” (p. 103, Larry Randolph)
However, many quantum concepts appropriated by the New Age are actually distortions of Christian spiritual truths as you will discover in the following chapters.” (p. 116, Ellyn Davis)

Power and Healing

Jesus calmed storms. We should be able to do that too. Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead. We have that same power within us. And we also have power all around us, undergirding our universe.” (p. 8, Judy Franklin)
“Peter carried the Spirit of God within him. He carried the original power of “let there be light”—energy, power, light—within him. And that’s what we should be doing.” (p. 8, Judy Franklin)
“…other [Christian] prophets are finding that sound, color, and light have healing frequencies to them.” (p. 54, Ellyn Davis)
“…we will consistently be able to alter the nature of reality with our words, thoughts, and intentions.” (p. 131, Ellyn Davis)

Quantum Mechanics

“This book is a conglomeration of the things Ellyn and I have learned about sound, light, energy, frequencies, vibrations, and quantum physics. (Introduction, Judy Franklin)
The revelatory connection between quantum physics and the spirit realm poses an uncomfortable challenge.” (Introduction, Judy Franklin)
“Every leader we interviewed had already been exploring the realms of frequencies, vibrations, and quantum physics.” (p. 52, Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin)
Quantum mysticism is a term that has been used to refer to a set of metaphysical beliefs and associated practices that seek to relate consciousness, intelligence or mystical world-views to the ideas of quantum mechanics and its interpretations…there are a few courageous Christians who are beginning to speak up and say, “Wait a minute, there may be some God truth there that really belongs to us and that we should know about!”(p. 16-17, Quoted from Wikipedia, Ellyn Davis)
I believe that a great work of God is in process as He restores knowledge and insights that have been lost to Christians but are now hidden in the teachings and practices of quantum mysticism…but I refuse to let one of those stumbling blocks be my fear that I will somehow be tainted or captured by the devil as I try to recover and express those truths. (Ellyn Davis)
Quantum physics serves as one of the great scientific disciplines bridging the river of confusion between science and biblical kingdom thinking.” (p. 77, Dan McCollam)
“Like the quantum field theory we examined earlier, we see that God’s words shape physical matter but the words themselves are a greater reality than what they create because they “never pass away.” This is why scripture says that God cannot lie.” (p. 84, Dan McCollam)
“But because the nature of this “other side” where the soul originates is non-local, it must also mean that all souls are non-locally connected; all souls are somehow connected to one field of consciousness, one “universal mind…This means that the true nature of the universe is oneness, not duality…” (p. 126, Ellyn Davis)
“…all truth is God’s truth and there are many precious “God-truths” hidden in quantum mysticism for us to claim as our own…in the spiritual realm words can carry God’s power and authority and bring the promises of God’s Word from the unseen spiritual world into the natural.” (pp. 127-128, Ellyn Davis)

Vibrational and Sound Frequencies

For centuries there have been stories of spontaneous healings in the presence of dolphins..scientists speculate that dolphin ultrasound resonates with natural vibrational frequencies of the human body; that dolphins emit frequencies that synchronize right and left brain activity in humans; and that dolphins emit ultrasonic waves that positively alter human magnetic fields.” (p. 10, Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin)
There are negative and positive vibrations. A positive vibration is like a portal into heaven. A negative vibration is like cancer. When the power comes, the positive will kill the negative. It’s a vibration. Everything vibrates… rocks, trees, everything vibrates. When we vibrate I think it’s opening a portal.(pp. 23-24, Bob Jones)
“Isaiah 66:2 says, “I will look to him who trembles at my word.” The word “trembles” in this verse can be vibration.” (p. 27, Bob Jones)
“Brain wave activity in healers. Studies of brain wave activity in “healers” from all over the world (psychics, shamans, Christian faith healers, Hawaiian kahunas, etc.) have shown that during healing moments the healers’ brain waves became phase and frequency synchronized with the earth’s geoelectric micropulsations—the Schumann resonance. (p. 40, Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin)
“In recent years, God has been opening the eyes of some of His people to the mysteries of sound, color and light, and of vibrations and energy.” (p. 53, Ellyn Davis)
“Because everything is energy at the foundational level of existence, and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency, everything that exists could be thought of as some sort of wave with its own resonant vibrational frequency.” (p. 61, Ellyn Davis)
“Genesis and the leading authority on creation research tell us that the Holy Spirit vibrated over nuclear matter to energize it, giving it the ability to be shaped and formed.” (p. 81, Dan McCollam)
I believe that the string or vibration at the center of all matter in the universe is in fact the sound wave from the word God spoke over each created thing at its entry into existence.(pp. 83-84, Dan McCollam)
Everything in the universe has a vibration at the center of it.” (p. 84, Dan McCollam)
Activate your sensitivity to your aural and spiritual environment. When you suspect a unique sound or light encounter—follow it.(p. 86, Dan McCollam)
When the vowels of ancient sacred languages such as Hebrew, Sanskrit, Egyptian, and Tibetan were pronounced, the vibration took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels, while our modern languages failed to produce the same result…” (p. 88, Ellyn Davis and Judy Franklin)
Matter Is Frequency Being Spoken by Jesus(p. 138, David Van Koevering)
“In this chapter, Beni Johnson shares that God is issuing a clarion (a shrill and clear sound) calling us to venture into new realms, including realms of the vibrations of heaven. (p. 164) When you connect to the spirit realm, you make an alliance with that sound of heaven and all things move to that sound.” (pp. 163, 164, Beni Johnson)


the Lord began showing me visions of what was to come. (Introduction, Judy Franklin)
As soon as I read that paragraph, I looked up and saw God the Father at the beginning of time and I saw our universe with nothing in it.(In a vision after reading a paragraph in the article, Brilliant Disguise: Light, Matter and the Zero-Point Field, p. 4, Judy Franklin)
“At the end of that meeting an apostolic leader spoke and said, “God is beginning to release Kingdom building codes…I looked up to see an angel standing right in front of me. I’m not an angel type of guy, but suddenly there was an angel speaking to me saying, “I’m sent by God to answer your question about the energy crisis. I am the energy angel…The angel went with me back to my hotel room and began talking to me about energy.” (pp. 89-90, Cal Pierce)
I later met a man God had taken to heaven and shown how to produce four dimensional objects with sound…Later, I attended a conference where I heard a Native American share about sonoluminescence—sounds creating bursts of light.” (p. 91, Cal Pierce)
“God began to teach me through this angel about sound and the power of the spoken word. He said that because God spoke His creative will, man can also speak words that create. God’s Word produces faith and faith is the substance of something, the evidence of something not seen, but it is activated by sound…Angels obey the sound of His word. When we speak His word, angels then take what we say to completion…It’s our partnering with the angels and angelic activity that is going to cause sound to become creative.” (pp. 92-93, Cal Pierce)
“Several years ago, I had been sick for a long time. One night, a pulsating blue color came into my room and seemed to be talking to me, trying to communicate a message from God. Because I did not understand synesthesia at that time, I automatically assumed the message the color was sending was “prophetic information,” because typically that’s the color many prophetic people associate with spiritual revelation.” (pp. 101-102, Larry Randolph)
At 24, I was caught up into the spirit realm where I saw God seated on His throne…When He finally did look at me, I heard the cells in my body scream in unison, “Hide me from the face of Him who sits on the throne!” (p. 105, Larry Randolph)


The four universal elements are water, wind, fire, and earth. The sound of heaven—all the frequencies of the sound spectrum—can be heard in water, wind, and fire.” (p. 67, by Ray Hughes)
Scripture tells us that rocks can cry out, stars can sing, and trees can “clap their hands” in joy, so we wouldn’t be too surprised to discover that they have a form of consciousness too, a “mind” as it were.” (p. 130, Ellyn Davis)
“If there weren’t some universal connectedness, why would God treat us as “all in Adam” or “all in Christ”?” (p. 131, Ellyn Davis)
“First Corinthians 1:28 says, “…God (has) chosen…things which are not (the invisible) to bring to naught things which are (the visible).” This Scripture makes sense only when you understand it at the atomic and subatomic level. Everything is made up of atoms, which are frequencies of energy. These frequencies of energy are the voice of Jesus causing all things to be! Atoms.” (p. 135, David Van Koevering)
I believe [Satan was ]cast down from the frequencies of God’s glory—he lost his bandwidth and fell down from his spiritual consciousness...Jesus Himself told His disciples that they will get their upper bandwidth back.” (pp. 136-137, David Van Koevering)
“There is no other source of creativity than the Holy Spirit. When you see your future, you are getting information faster than the speed of light through a means of streaming superluminal particles.” (p. 141, David Van Koevering)
When God breathes on a thing, it smells like apples. It says in Song of Solomon 7:8, “and his breath smells like apples.” (p. 23, Bob Jones)

The quotes from The Physics of Heaven should seriously alarm any Christian who takes the word of God seriously. Unfortunately, it blends quantum mechanics, new age philosophy, vision, and bad exegesis of scripture to support the idea that God is moving through present-day apostles and prophets, to reveal truths the church has either lost or must discover.

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