Happy Easter Sunday!

Christ is risen! Hallelujah! Easter Sunday is such a wonderful day of celebration for believers as we remember that Christ died for our sins and then rose again, conquering death. With so much suffering and uncertainty in our world (with no sign that it’s going to stop anytime soon!), it’s wonderful that we can be grounded in the unchanging, eternal truth that Christ died for our sin and then rose again—and those who have trusted in him for salvation are saved for eternity. Praise the Lord!

One way to celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death is by singing the classic Easter hymns. And you can enjoy some of these performed by TrueSong, our Ark Encounter resident artists, in the video below, livestreamed from the Ark Encounter during Easter 2020 weekend:

And share the hope of Easter with your children with this fun devotional Bryan Osborne and Leanne Sarkisian filmed with Ella, our miniature donkey at the Creation Museum, back in 2020 during our Answers Easter event:

Have a wonderful Easter, celebrating our risen Lord!

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