Debate: Does God Exist? (Frank Turek V. Dennis Nørmark)

Frank Turek overseas! Here he is in lovely Denmark, taking on Dennis Nørmark for a classic theist versus atheist smackdown. Don’t mind the first couple minutes of Danish, the debate itself is in English! Cross Examined: Frank Turek debates Dennis Nørmark at Skywalk Church, Randers, Denmark in March 2014. Frank Turek is an award-winning author, having written the books ‘I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist’, ‘Legislating Morality’ and more, and is an international speaker. He has previously debated atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Dave Silverman. Dennis Nørmark is an anthropologist, author, and one of Denmark’s leading atheists. He is the co-founder of the Humanist Society and known from Danish television. We hope this debate will inspire you, no matter what worldview you may have. Enjoy!






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