Transform Your Sunday School This Fall

Do you want to transform your Sunday school program? As summer approaches, many churches will take a break from their regular Sunday curriculum and pick up again in the fall. This makes summer a great time to reevaluate what you’re doing for Sunday school—and maybe that evaluation reveals that your program needs a transformation.

Sunday school curriculum or programs can often be disjointed, jumping from topic to topic each week. Or they can be very “fluffy,” with just moralistic teaching for children or lots of Bible “stories” without much teaching. If you want to use something that is “meaty,” chronological, and focused on the gospel message while teaching the whole Bible, doctrine, theology, Christian worldview, and apologetics, consider Answers Bible Curriculum for Sunday School (ABC). There’s nothing else like it in the world. I believe it’s the most powerful Sunday school program (for all ages) available in the world.

The chronological Bible teaching really brings the Bible to life for children and adults.

Over 10,000 churches use ABC—and we frequently hear from pastors and Sunday school teachers who share with us that ABC is revolutionizing their churches. And many have told us it helps reverse the loss of the younger generations from church. The chronological Bible teaching really brings the Bible to life for children and adults. I can’t recommend it enough for helping combat biblical illiteracy, equipping Christians to stand boldly in this spiritually dark culture, and rooting children in God’s Word, the gospel, and a biblical worldview.

And if you’re a homeschool family, we recently rewrote the lessons for a homeschool setting and released them as Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool. It’s a great way to teach your children in grades K–5 (with options for older students) to know and love God’s Word, understand the big picture of Scripture, see the gospel from Genesis, have answers to the questions of our day, and more. All of this is found in both our Sunday school curriculum and homeschool curriculum.

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