History—So Much More Connected than You Think

History is the study of cultures, peoples, and places. Who were the people? When did they live? What did they do? But did you know the peoples and cultures that make up history were far more connected than you probably realize? And those close connections—which are only now being unveiled through genetics (including a study of research conducted on the Y chromosome in males)—rewrite everything we thought we knew about human history.

This brand-new research is very exciting as it’s only possible because the researcher, Harvard-trained Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, starts with God’s Word, not the evolutionary timeline. You see, when Dr. Jeanson applies the biblical timeline to the immense amount of genetic data he gathered, he’s able to uncover surprising links between the people of history and us. But if you apply the evolutionary timeline of human history, those links are impossible to find. Why? Because God’s Word records the true history of humanity! So, science that starts with the proper history is going to make discoveries that evolutionists—who start with the wrong foundation—can’t find.

When Dr. Jeanson applies the biblical timeline to DNA, he’s able to uncover surprising links between the people of history and us.

And this research has been published in Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson’s ground-breaking new book Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise. You’ll discover that:

Today’s Native Americans descend from Central Asians who arrived in the early AD era.Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob still have clearly identifiable descendants today, albeit rare ones.Every people group on earth can genetically trace their origins to Noah and his three sons.And so much more!

Order Traced today to uncover human DNA’s big surprise. And be sure to check out the series I filmed with Dr. Jeanson, streaming now on Answers TV or on our YouTube channel, for a summary of the research in this exciting new book.

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