Debate: Is The Apocrypha Scripture? (White V. Michuta)

Why do Catholics include a bunch of books in their Bible that Protestants don’t? Two scholars debate the issue in this video. Mr. Michuta uses much of his pro-deuterocanon opening statement to say that the canon was never explicitly closed. Have at it! Alpha & Omega Ministries: A very interesting debate where both sides make strong cases, until one examines the other. Michuta makes a strong opening statement, however it is refuted by Dr. White during rebuttal. For the rest of the debate Michuta makes no attempt to deal with Dr. White’s countering evidence, and simply gives responses grounded in accusations of misunderstanding and deliberate mischaracterization. This is less a debate about what is scripture and more about why the Deuterocanonical Books are indeed apocryphal. Visit the store at






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